Has anyone ever screwed up...

In a relationship by being so self-concious that it created arguments that turned into both of you pulling all the demons out the closet. It seems no one is happy with themselves just the way they are. Either they get piercings, tattoos, dye their hair, get implants, lipo, you name it...why can we not be happy with the image we see in the mirror? Are we pushing our lovers to the fence to see the grass on the other side?
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It's just a double standard u have to consider here, so easy for good looking person to say as u said but the fact is so many self rejecting inside the bad looking one..n not just the bad lookin, the good lookin one sumtime has it either..but for me it's not a mistake to change a lil bit of us in order to be betterdunno
I think you mean , who hasent ever screwed up , like there must be plenty of us who said the wrong thing or joked the wrong way and had it used as fuel in the next argument , these are the day's of our lives ....lesson's that need to be learnt!! and a whole lot of names with the same meaning.wave
no one can make another person do something they dont already want to do and its self destructive to say you "pushed" someone away..they did it because they felt like it..not because of something another person looks like..if they liked you in the beginning the way you look then how n the world did it change?
too many women blame themselves for their cheating spouse and men pick up on "insecurity" like a blood hound..Of course they are gonna tell you ya its your fault, instead of taking the blame onto themselves..
id rather be alone than settle with some jerk..if another girl settles for him and she doesnt mind then thats her problem.. lol
caving into feeling lonely will always result in making desperate wrong choices in a mate with bad results..
Unfortunately we all tend to choose relationships with our eyes and not with our heart, in nature it is the one with the brightest colours, the strongest fighter and the best courtship ritual that is chosen as a mate. However we are different from most of the other animals in that we have the capacity to love. In reality we will only find comfort in a partner who is our best friend and lover rolled into one and only then we can see past the imperfections and be truly satisfied with what we have.
if someone can't tell me the truth at the beginning then we are not ment to be
Ich weiss nicht,aber i wish that you can become better>laugh
Ich weiss nicht,aber i wish that you can become better>laugh
sometimes , ideas turn to experience , love and caring for someone is to fulfill the idea of having control of your self , been secure and happy knowing that someone is with you all the time . the rest is just experience , showing others how you look or just play save for what people might think about you . I image spake more that words . but Ideas and experience are priceless . I dont do any of that like having tattoos or anything , I am not against but I am more interesting in helping others and still love my self no matter what .
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