What does 'doesn't take life too seiously' mean?

It's just that nearly every woman wants a man who 'doesn't take life too seriously'. What does this mean?

Does this mean:

1. I don't take MY life too seriously:
i.e. I'm not too concerned about my life or future (which I don't think many women would like, seeing as they seem to like a 'well-made-man' - i.e. a rich man).

2. I don't take life, IN GENERAL, too seriously:
i.e. I'm a sort of shallow person who doesn't care about the world - politics, philosophy, the environment etc. If this is the case, I think I'll become gay because I can't help but care about what goes on in the world.

3. I don't take my life, or life in general, too seriously because ALL OF MY ATTENTION IS ON YOUR LIFE:
i.e. you are a princess & I will sacrifice everything for you, even though we've just met and even though you'll probably run to the hills if I'm too 'nice' & not enough of a 'bad boy'.

Another thing:
Why do most girls begin their profile with 'I don't know what to say about myself' & then proceed to tell you absolutely nothing about themselves. Yet, they aren't lost for words when it comes to what they want/need/demand off men? Tall, dark, handsome, monied etc - and this is coming from women who are short, ginger (no offense, gingers), not pretty & broke.

I'll be accused of misogyny for this post, but I'm hoping that some women will see the contradictory & harsh demands they make of men.

Maybe this explains why men lie. Men give shallow women their shallow needs - money, glimpses of power etc - then they dump them when they get what they want. Why is this wrong when women are doing the exact same selfish thing?

The love I want is a love where I would do anything for my partner - but that has to be earned, and a ribbed bra isn't gonna do it for me. What I want is a woman who asks for something different cos, as far as i can see, women are asking for the same shallow, contradictory crap.

If you don't believe me, go and check 10 profiles of women right now. I can guarantee that at least half won't know how to describe themselves, yet who will ask for a man who 'doesn't take life too seriously'.

What does that mean???

doh dunno confused sleep sleep sleep
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do u know what i think? I think YOU'RE taking things too seriously. This is cyberspace. NOT the real world. Any woman who puts on their profile *doesn't take life too seriously* .. probably means ***** GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN *********** ... in other words ... someone who knows how to laugh .. knows how to have fun .. and doesn't spend his entire day stressing over things that don't really matter ... If you're serious in finding love .. get into life in the REAL WORLD ... meeting someone face to face is far more likely to prove fruitful .. than meeting someone online who may or may NOT be full of crap. All u can judge by is what someone types from a keyboard ... Take this place with a grain of salt .. hmm? wave
Hello my friend,

Maybe it just means you have to have a sense of humour and not let life steamroller you into submission.

You just need to go with the flow (there's another one) and not get stressed out by things that are said to you by anyone.

I have learned that many of the women on here are not women at all and just scammers after your money so, please, be real and take it all in your stride.

rumpytumpy I think they mean to lighten up, get some humor, relax and not analyze everything someone does or says.
Along with not being overly picky or judgmental about everyone you meet or try to get into a relationship with..This is my opinion on what they mean by dont take life so seriously.
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