facing death is one of the scariest thing that i could ever experience in my whole when you are are totally gone forever....never ever comes back to know how's your loved ones doing after you have left them....those with strong faith in God would claim..they are not afraid to face death and criticize those who are afraid...they would say that is becoz you're a sinner etc..etc....

but come to think of it.....what if this life offers immortality?

would you like to be left behind and still would wanna live?

Like you would look as young as your grandchild's grandchildren in their teen years ...adapt their fashion,how they talk,how they behave....and have as many husbands as you want.....

and see them all born and pass away....

and still you're alive....

and waiting for the next....

i think i can appreciate death than to experience immortality....
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sooner or later you will be the only one left youll get lonely
as i believed so....howdy are yah?handshake
im good thanks and you
am fine....doin fine....angel
how about we be the last two on earth and have the world to ourselveslaugh
"life is extremely brief u won't be here long so dont get too attach
@john...two of us ??? alone....????ooopssss.....thats more scary....laugh

@cardio....yeahhh.....dont be too attached...thats the key....for ur heart wont be broken....hug
a broken heart can always mend loneliness i believe is worse then a broken heart
I think life will be become very depressing and unfulfilled if you put it in that perspective. Constantly see people go that you care about. Not about the fashion, behavior, talk etc those things are not important I believe. It's the emotional side: you care about people, you have a connection with them etc etc

On a sidenote: I once saved a child's life from drowning. It changed my whole perspective on life and death to be honest.
let me live util i say enough is enoughgrin
let me live till i can't take it anymore.

That would be 1 planck (that is a tiny tiny tiny unit of time) more... lol ...

geeky joke? well ....I was trying to be funny... so what?

mumbling mumbling
cos that the life, there are some new comer & some are ppl leave.
but in the end we'll leave too just about time.
I think the scared by thinking when we'll death not more bigger our afraid to a life.
Just be greatful what you get today as a bless, & just take some of good thing who already leave use that as your own lesson for your own life to be better.

You should watch the movie Dorian Gray, or better yet, read the book. It is about a young man who achieves immortality... and in the end, he destroys himself. It is a classic book.
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