Have u ever...

Have u ever talked with someone u never saw at phone 12 hours non stop and u never bore or know how fast the time past?It happened to me and was nice.heart wings
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yes sortof i was chatting and texting and i said something wrong or joked about the wrong thing i dont know but anyway thats over now
Yeah it was a splended conversation. We'll do it again whenever u want dear.

Always a pleasure conversing with u!

I am sorry for u fatshat sometimes we regret too late.comfort
U are funny 10ohms I don't remeber we chat but I am sure u are a lovely person,and u can keep a nice and intelligent conversation.cool
well just with people that I ever knew before
I never made it 12 hours before but I know what you are saying. Its cool when that can happen between 2 practical strangers.
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