time is my friend ,when the dream died

What I love about life is no matter what you go threw TIME will help you overcome anything

When you`re in a great relationship it seems like the world has stop and it is all about you and him and than it gets cloudy and dark and you can`t see clearly or understand anything

He is gone,,,,, you are left with the pain of what the heck just happen and where did I miss it, how could I`ve been so stupiddoh

Time says it will be alright, but I want to be alright now!!!

Time says give me time to heal your hurts,cuts and bruises,
you have no choice,,,,,time waits for no one and you cant rush it either

let Time be your friend
and the dream will began anew,,,and your heart will smile againheart beating

I am smiling ,,,,,,,,againkiss
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A very nice blog. Time is the healer as they say.

very nice blog i hope its true because to me time feels like an enemy at times reading blogs like yours helps
interesting factoid too much time can kill you . rolling on the floor laughing
Time can heal all that ails you. Without new opportunities however time serves as a medium for you to review over and over your negative experiences in your mind. These unpleasant thoughts sometimes stay with you forever.
Hey adam nice to see you,wave

sometimes it is the only friend we have ,,,,,,TIME
hank we can help time by creating new opportunities for our selves it wont be easy but it can make the waiting less painful and less the enemy because it is not moving fast enough for us
lovely4u7da likewise

what do you mean sometimes ? lol.

thumbs up

Unfortunately, sometimes we meet people and they pass through our lives, they come and go, we just need to realize it's all for learning and blame no one and just remember the lessons. Sometimes you teach them, sometimes they teach you....and most of the time it's both.

Time alone is good time to grow, mature, and be ready for the next opportunity. And if you stay positive, there will always be an opportunity...if you believe it!! hug bouquet
Lovely4u...Endearing sentiments as always heart1 handshake
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