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About Me :
My name is Fowajul Kibria. Nick name - Kibria, Fowaj. Mixed or light black color. I am soft minded, moderate, reasonable , sympathetic, kind hearted, loving, passionate, caring, jolly minded, considerable, smart and gentle person. I have a daughter. Previously I held posts consequently as Manager, Consultant, Strategy Builder, Project Director, Managing Director and the Chairman in some cooperative organizations in Bangladesh. Presently I am an IT officer in a financial company.

My Ideology :
I respect equally every nation, every culture, both sexes of human beings on earth. I strongly believe and respect that there is nothing differences between men and women but physical structure and maternity issue. As well, men and women contribute all noble and simple things throughout the world equally. As a daughter, sister, mother, worker, office staff, personnel, family member, partner, social member, political member, religion member she must enjoy legal and equal respect, facility and rights. Any kind of boasting and/or manly-boasting domination with a female is seriously hated. There should have proper and required respectful atmosphere and facilities all around her to live with human respects on earth.

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