Why MOST of men are...

I can't understand why most of men still have another one despite the fact they already have a faithful, loving ang caring girlfriend/wife. I observed this.
The big question is WHY
Is it because They are not satisfied?
is it because they are looking for fun?
is it because they are JUST MAN and its natural for them to do that.
Is it because they are not happy.
Is it because the are doing this because of lust.
Is it because they found themselves falling inlove to other
is it because of temptation.
And I can't understand also why most of girls too despite the fact they are cheating of there husband or boyfriend.they still want a relationship to that person
they always said and i always hear.
"I still love him"
"i can do everything to him"
"i can't live without him".
Is it called love and sacrifices??
I don't think so.
The big question is WHY



as i always said and always believed its easy to be happy when you are contented to what you have because you are not asking or looking for more because you are CONTENTED right? anyway everyone of us has choices its up to all couple and person ..
Its just like this a person is blind because "today is a beautiful day but she/he cannot see... That person is blind, its a double meaning Did you get it??I Hope so.. I will further explain this . Dont get offend I just observed this though i don't have experience
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because some people dont know how to treat others with the respect they deserve honesty is hard for so many men and women
pay backs are a b*tch !!!all because someone hurt them ,they have to feel even !

hey good blog !! I hope you get the answers you are looking forwave
because they are all about their ego & they are too arrogant to realise that if they find you attractive, someone else will. i was recently cheated on. It sucks !! Cheaters are losers. move on & forget about them !
Hi Cardio..Not all men cheat but unfortunately a lot of them do.
The best advise I can give you is to keep your feelings on hold untill you dated a man for at least 3 months but idealy longer than that untill you feel safe enough to give your heart to him and find out what type of man he is..Usually his past behaviour will be a clue too..Find out if he was faithful to his ex, by other people..Not just what he tells you..
@swissblueeyes yes, i know thats why i said MOST NOT ALL.. I just observed this even I don't still have experience
I am a one woman kind of guy, i truly don't understand that behavior myself. Granted, i have never been in a loooong relationship, but i have always been faithful in the relationships i have been in. I guess that's how i was raised.peace
Have you also noticed that men who do cheat their wife or girlfriend often do it with another woman. Why are women like this? grin
my ex was a one woman man, one on Monday, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday..........rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Most men dont;

I'm so sick of men bashing. NO ONE put a gun to your head women to date these men.

Some women are terrible at picking good men and then when they get cheated on, hurt, or used, they don't blame themselves for choosing a terrible man, they blame all men!!!!

Stop these trashy posts saying all men are bed. What is bad is how terrible women are at choosing a good man.
@mjames..Do you really think all women pick these guys?
I know for a fact the majority of males like to do the chasing and "some" of them will lie to get what they want.
I will agree however that women should take it slow and get to know all the facts before falling for a mate.
It isnt male bashing, it is just statistical facts on many do cheat..This is also to say some women cheat too.
It's not wise for anyone to jump into a relationship too soon before knowing the person is really who they say they are.
This in my opinion also includes sex..Too many people rush into it and get emotionally attached with clouded rational thinking getting in the way of if they are right for each other.
No one really wants to hear the truth about it and in todays society most people ignore these things because they want "instant" gratification..Thus the reason for so many failed marriages and relationships.
@mjames i wonder why u blocked me haha u dont understand my blog im not said i know men.... I thought u really dont understand anyway best luck
life itself is will to power a living being seeks only to discharge it's strength , nothing else matters .

( the jackel ) i think ????? at any rate it is as good a excuse as any .
Sadly, this is something that goes both ways! Men cheat and women cheat.. And there are countless numbers of reason why the do it. Having once been involved in a situation like this before.. actually having been on both sides of the coin, I can truly say that I too would love to know why cheating happens.. If you ever find out, please let me know ok!!

ps. I was once involved with a married guy who truly convinced himself and me that he was not in love with his wife anymore.. we both worked on a ship for several months at a time and ended up being together... We shared what I will now describe as a sub-reality relationship for those months but obviously things went sour when he got back to real life (aka his home)... let's just say there were many people that ended up being hurt in the end! Being someone who had been cheated on in the past, I was mortified at myself for allowing this to happen and ended up being extremely depressed about it.. and so yeah, I kinda agree with MJAMES that we all need to take responsibility.. but, not to make excuses.. we are all humans and humans are flawed!

ok I'm gonna stop rambling now!grin
Women never go for a good guy only the mean ones and they rightly deserve the treatment. They like the bad boy image....professor

Women remember this phrase "Oh ur too nice let us just be friends, don't worry one day u'll find someone as nice as u"...Bollocks devil
its just a matter of choice in my opinion.....grin yeah....

peace peace peace
1) People seek what they don't have. Often it's because there is something they want that they don't know how to ask for or are being denied.

2) Some people have poor impulse control. This shows up in how they approach daily activities. Basically, if they want something, does this quickly become something they 'must' have? If true in part of their life, it's probably true in relationships as well.

3) If their partner is pushing them away emotionally, they will find someone who is more accepting of them.

4) With men, women are attractive. You can't turn this off. A man will notice an attractive woman. Acting on it (inappropriately) comes back to impulse control issues. --- Also, women find men attractive. No off switch there either, except for women, the attraction takes longer to develop so poor impulse control typically isn't the issue (so women tend to cheat less often then men).

Of course --- this is all just my opinion --- which means I think I'm on target but you may disagree... and we both may learn something from any differences.
i think there are many reasons on your list why guys cheat. I have never cheated before. but my girlfriend has not seen me in over a week her choice. during this week without her i have been lonely, and i want to cheat. looking for someone to give me attention.
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