WorldWide Poetry Competitions

Hey You hug All of My Sweeeeet Friends

Been song long that I haven't written anything in here
and i wish all are good thumbs up head banger

Well , just wondering , doesn anyone know how to enter a worldwide poetry competition ????
I've searched alot !! thru google ! thru some friends ! but nothing !dunno

Can anyone help me with that plz ?

Thanks all cheers And Take Care wink

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wooooww...dear swan....u mean worldwide competitions???

and u r joining????


thats great...

u r great....

keep it up.....thumbs up
not sure but good luck with that my habibi
Habibi N&E !!! Missed you gurl rose How are you sugar ?

Hope all is well for u hug

If im great then it's becoz of my lovely friends like you N&E
you raise me up cheers

So yeah I would love to join a worldwide competition in poetry ! but no luck in finding the right competition !!dunno

so i donno what to do hun ! blues

Hey babe John !! It's ok hunnie ! but if u had the chance to know anything about it .. just lemme know my habibi heart beating bouquet

i sure will your poems are wonderful my habibi
Salam swan87 you might find something here...

u could use google....amazing.....u really are....

wish i could get at least 1/4 of ur confidence....

goodluck girl.....thumbs up
Sweet John !! Thanx my friend .. And your poems are always the best ! thumbs up

@ iamwhoiamyousee !! Salam my Sweet Friend ! how you've been ?

Thanks a million for the link ! it's really intresting , im lookin through it now ! hug

Hunnie N&E !!! With such a sweet and lovely heart you have
you should be 10/10 confedinte !! Trust me wink

Thanks for ur wishes sugar purple heart

u desrve it......gooo girl.....cheering cheering cheering cheering
I am fine and hope you too..I hope that site will help you..the contests are from reputables good luckhandshake
N&E .. WooooHooooo cheering cheering cheering

Hey iamwhoiamyousee , Im fine too hunnie thanks for askin hug
And yes ! those places are really famous and well known , thanks again for ur help !!! may god bless u always

ahh .. not something for me.... last time I tried to be 'poetic', I was taken for a clown and who was concerned burst in laughter in me own very face!!

felt so miserable...

moping moping
10K !! My Darling !! NO NO NO scold
Im sorry but I'd really disagree with you !!
Stand up and make everything in life is your THING to do !
Why would you care about what ppl think if you're writing something you feel ?
Start with light things in your life and start writing about it ..than you go a head and go deaper !!
Everyone !! did the same thing !!step by step you can reach to the sky !!
No one is a bad poet in the way i view it !!
right ?
write about somethin you passion about !! the world ! your country ! gurls !! love !! ME ?? loool wink

now don't feel down !! and come dance with me dancing lol

You take my friend ..a hug would be nice for u i guess hug

ok, lemme give it a go:

Oh my dear swan, my icon,
I thought u were gone. crying

Am so glad you are not,
because indeed, you are hot. wow

I'd better stop there,
since you're in love, its only fair. blues

uh oh uh oh
So cute !!! who the hell didn't like what you write !!

hear me out :

Oh Sweet 10K , Don't be so sad
I've had enough of love
And all of Relation's Crap

Im not in love anymore
Im on my own for sure

Single is the way to go for now
Till My heart heal it self ,
Im gonna be enjoyin my life for a while !

wink wink wink wink
love hurts,
say the experts!

being single might suck,
but can also spell your luck.

Enjoy it while you can,
cause for tomorrow, there might be no plan.


well .. am sad u had a break up ... happening too often lately..

Hey 10K !! Regarding your write !! I think you'd be CRAZY if you don't write !! you have the ability to write such great poems in the future .. Trust me !!

and im not sad that we broke up !! no ! i am happy !! cuz it was for the good !! I swear !! I feel much better this way ! I thought that i would give this relation a chance ! but hell NO !

cheers cheers

well then, if u see it like that, I am happy for u (:

thanks for the compliments regarding my writing... but seriously .. this girl I tried to impress with a peom happened to be an English major so ... I indeed adopted the worst possible tactic ever. In like, she could write a trillion billion times better and so .. ermm ... I seemed a perfect idiot! LOL...

am over the shame by now,.. hehe :P
hahaha Oh poor you !! but lisn dear !! no one is better than anyone !!
As I say when i do something really wrong :
" I know Im Bad , But Im perfectly Good At it " wink

So take it this way hun. !!
and good luck with some other gurl grin
And im glad ur happy for me .. million thanx hug

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