hi everyone for all the people that said its better to be single.
i am now 100% with you there's not even a doubt in my mind.
i now know ill never be married never date again im even thinking.
no sex anymore too if you don't understand then listen i give up.
two years on this site twelve are more no dates four no sex.
yes i no that sounds pretty pathetic because it is.
im not putting myself down just figure what's the use to even try ..... john
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... john .. if ur serious about finding someone ... get out 'n about in the REAL world .. cyberspace is not the ideal place to find anything apart from an online convo or three ... To meet someone you need to put yourself out there .. get out of the house ... do stuff .. join a club .. do a course ... be proactive .. expand your horizons ... think outside the square .. there's someone out there for everyone .. plenty of fish in the sea ... ur very young .. you have your whole life ahead of you .. don't waste it ... get into it!!!!!!!!!!!!! banana banana banana
If a guy remains single all his life, will be wasting his life? why?

I was planningto take the same route given the situation.

@ 10K ...

John sounds disillusioned ... to the point of giving up ... i'm encouraging him to get off his butt and get into life .. (being single is obviously NOT his chosen choice of lifestyle).

.... As for remaining single all your life ... of course that's fine .. if that's your choice ... it doesn't appear to be John's choice, does it?

I'm single and have been for 9 years .. and fully intend to stay that way ... singe life is awesome .. but I've lived both sides of the coin ... married twice ... that gives me the advantage of experience .. the ability to look at both lifestyles and make that informed decision ...

Someone young and inexperienced should walk a mile in the shoes of life before they make any drastic assumptions about what they want from life ... yay
true i really don't want to be single.
but life today is full of sour grapes.
im ripe im ready this town is not.
im not picky like some people on this site.
iv had girlfriends of all colors shapes and religious beliefs.
now im just looking for that special someone.
........ john
.. better chance of finding that someone special in the REAL WORLD john ... cyberspace is dodgy at the best of times ... wave Good LUCK ... !
i understand my friend i do try i go out when i can.
but mostly i work then come home tired but thanks for the encouragement .... john
wave Being single sucks... Being in a bad relationship sucks... Being in love but not being loved in return sucks... Being loved but not being in love with the one who loves you sucks also... A "good" relationship can turn into a "bad" one anytime...
Yeap, facts of life my friend.
In my country we have a saying... More like a jocke... "You're in the SEA, so, SHUT UP AND SWIMM!" ...and NEVER say NEVER AGAIN!wink
sweet dude you got a date from this site ?.?.?. i mean obviously didn't work out but still you got to try that's gotta be worth something .
right my friends i guess i got to stick with it for now ill give it another year
u gotta see Batam city in my country dude..there so many pretty ASian Girls there..u can get 7 or 8 girl for relationship..girls there are modern n so fashionablewink

I think a lot of us understand the way you feel right now and have gone through the same thing or something similar. You have every right on whatever decision you feel is right for you at this time though I would not close myself off to possibilities completely.

I have come to a point in my life where I am more comfortable with friendsip only because I really am tired of trying to impress anyone else and I am tired of the silly games people I look at it not as "dating" as I hate even the sound of that word. I think of it as meeting new people , making new friends and have no expectations what so ever disapointments.

Just enjoy the journey and take with you a great sense of humore for the roadgrin laugh
thanks my friends
Nobody deserves to be single for life and that isnt something we have been mado yes I agree...the website are good and lucky for some,but the vice versa,some people going out every weekend may not find anyone keep trying and you know what...hmmm,maybe STOP trying SO hard and it will hit you in the head the moment you least expect,but what I am trying to say is NEVER give up on LOVE!!!!!!
right thanks
hi john, you should not give up too easy. Giving up is loosing faith. I just signed up.angel
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