A friend of mine just told me this statement this morning.

The BEST way to love:
Forgive like God, & stop looking at the other person like u see them, but look at them the way God sees them.

But, am not God ... confused
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Easier said than done.
You forgive people when they are willing to communicate with you directly. When they spread lies about you behind your back and threaten your reputation it is very hard to express feelings of forgiveness. You are patient. You don't carry a grudge. However the memory of their hostility toward you remains in your memory bank forever.
Chupse : seems like u're the Shakatak big fanlaugh lol
THe Lord means to see people by their spirit and not there carnal body. THe heart is what is judged by God-this body is only temporary. Forgive everyone, and become love and then you have the essence of God within you.heart wings
Love is a choice
and when you decide to Love people in spite of ,then you find the power to do so ,forgiveness works the same way,, we should see others as we would want God to see us

Don't think you have to be God to love and forgive ,,just be like him
his love ,,,it surpasses our understanding and it is beyond are finding out ,why or reasoning angel
Thanks for all you said. handshake
No, you are not God. That is where "grace" comes in...we are able to do things we couldn't naturally through God's grace.

I do find your friend's statement a little confusing, though. confused
and for me...it's very difficult in real world...moping
we are all His children and He loves us no matter what. If we look at the person as we see them we may still remain angryhug
@calliope, calmheart and lovely- well said ladies - very well said

@narnia- thanks for starting this bloghandshake
I totally agree with your friend's statement. Its what the Bible says we are to do. I also agree with some of the posters; its easier said than done.

But, we are children of God, so we lean unto him for understanding and not unto ourselves. We ask him for the strength because the bible says that his strength is made perfect in our weakness.

So, rather than focusing on a person, why not ask God to help you with Agape Love and Mercy..those are the things He gives us, and how he loves us, so maybe we should ask him to increase those two things where we might be lacking.

Someone said something about forgiving only when a person is ...oh I dont know what they said..but they basically said that you dont have to forgive them when they spread lies and talk about you behind your back....I DISAGREE w/ that.....thats not what the Bible said, and if God had done that with alot of us, we wouldnt have any chance for redemption.

Oh Lord, if I were you I would stick with the crocheting.
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