before we die

hi everyone what is the biggest thing you want to do before you die ..........john
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i dont wanna die......!!!!!help
why not sometimes to live is to die and to die is to live
.. it would be real cooL if i lived long enough to at least meet my grand children ... grin My son was married 6 months ago .. no baby news as yet ... moping Hopefully not long to wait ... I wanna be a grandma ... yay
jodie..i wanna be a grandma too.....sad flower
very cool my friend congratulations to your son may your wish come true
see may chldren and my grand children ...
very nice may you see them with happiness in your eyes
wave Still

Before I die,, I want to Live,,,,hug
right me to i want to live my life to its full potential
Live !!!drinking wine wine wine
to live is good my friend
Continue to travel wherever and whenever the whim takes
go my friend and do let the road guide your way
Re-establish familial ties with my estranged children. I love them dearly.
ummmm, before i die i wud love to go on a world tourdancing
omgmike yes family is the best thing in the world
before I die I want to meet the man of my dreams.
indiangirl7 yes world tour sounds nice
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