why do man lie?

Hi everyone! I would appreciate some opinions about why do man lie. They write that they are looking for an honest woman and they start lying very soon after you start talking to them. What's up with that? Doesn't like attracts like. They naturally gonna repel honest people. What is the motive behind all that? Even if they find another woman they think might be better for them they still keep you on a side as a backup plan. I think that's sick. What do you guys think. I just want to understand what's going on. Are there any really honest guys out there or I just should forget it and stop looking? Irena
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when they write that they wan an "honest" women they forget to mention that she must have certain body measurements along with age range (28-30)laugh sleep Its actually getting quite predictable and boring
cause women do ....

uh oh
Thats all I hear...The Perfect Women...bluh bluh bluh.....I was talking to one guy from Ks. ...Oh boy Never met him yet...He wanted me to move ASAP to Ks. but it don't work that way...We live 300 miles away..and could easly met in between but...This guy was CONTROLING the Whole Thing......Did I say I never met Him YET......Men are Looking for:::::: Young..Rich..Sexy...And No STRINGS.....??????.........They think they can STILL Do What They Want....We have NO say So:::::....But I still think there is someone for me...and I'm in No Hurry......LOOK GUYS BE NICE ND BE YOURSELF.....Put your shirts on ...we don't want to look at that until later now...If you had a bad marriage Big Deal..So have WE.....Jump back up and dust yoursevles off and wipe the tears away.....You don't what to hear Us .....We don't what to hear yours...The same goes for US Lady's too...GET OVER IT!!!!!!Don't make the same MISTAKES Over nd Over.....Rethink""""I'm sure I'm going to hear alot back...Not All Men Lie...Not All Women Lie.....if your not Happy....Well than your going to find yourself....bluh bluh bluh bluh (lieing).. PEACE
Its probably a bit like when a woman writes that she is looking for someone with a good sense of humour, who is spontaneous and open minded. What she tends to mean is that she is neurotic, (therefore a very good sense of humour is required by her partner) and coupled with that neurosis is a constant need for attention many times each day, (of the spontaneous sort). In addition to this she is inclined to date other guys when the mood suits her, (therefore the guy needs to be open minded too).
and you think women dont lie????? what planet do you come from then, its certainly not Earth! Listen, women are more devious, crafty, 2 faced then men but the differnece is that women are 1 step ahead (most of the time) of men in keeping secrets as they are fantastic liars and can play games at a level men will never be able to. Men on the other hand are too stupid, gullable and have such a big ego, they think that they are something when they start an affair, they feel they are the only good looking male in the world. Men always get causght out because they are not good liars, they are not crafty like women.finally my dear, there are just as many honest men as there are honest woemn in this world and there are more devious women then men in this world but men are stupid and get caught women smile behind the men and walk into the sunset ready for their next prey !!! DONT FORGET IT !
Wow, loved the last 2 postings :))) Thank you guys wave
dunno why men lie. Im quite the opposite, im honest and i like to tell the truth...I mean what´s the point in lying?? not all men are like that. And I personally think that lying is nasty and I don´t like to play games with ppl. I like honesty, both for men and women
ya cytrynka, those guys are probably over 50 and hoping they get a 20 something year old who will fall in love with them..lol
They are dreamers who eventually will get burned financially by some gold digging 20 year old and she will leave him for some guy her own age..
pretty pathetic but those older guys like that seem to be pretty much of them online..i have gotten mail from men who are not like that and are looking for women around their own age so thankfully not all men are this way..oh and watch out for the guys who are only looking for sex..there are many of those type online too.."another reason some lie"..
cause you are talking to the wrong men
This man does not lie and sorry I am now taken
A true man knows his word should be written in stone
I believe that some men lie because they fear that if you knew the truth,you'd likely have nothing to do with them.
A confidant honest man will tell you all right from the get go.Bad as well as good.Most women are mature enough to not believe in fairy tales.Most are willing to accept that these leopards(men)come with a few spots.
I don't get involved in lying for a number of reasons but the most important being "self-respect". I agree with the above comment about what a person says should be able to be written in stone, because someday it might be.
I'm sorry for anyone, man or woman, who has been the victim of a liar because it hurts so deeply. But I refuse to judge every woman or man, for that matter, as a turd from now on because of a couple of bad apples.

As has already been posted, both men and women lie, for whatever reason.

Sounds like you got burned recently. Do not give up. There are good, honest men out there, the same as there are those who are not honest. Be patient and the right one will come along.

Time has a way of taking care of these things.

Honestly I think it's people in general not men or wemon, I happen to feel similar about the wemon I meet,
There are guys out there that beleave when ur in a relationship and you fall for someone that person is the only person they can see, they don't worrie about having somebody on the side cause they couldn't even fathom being anywhere but in your arms. Call it hopeless romantisum but they are still out there I know cause I am one of them, problem is there are a lot more luring cheats that would rather day dream about others then love the one their with. Least that's my opinion
The last relationship that I was in the guy didn't exactly lie per say but he kept "avoiding" the topic of commitment and yet he kept telling me how it was important to him that we were "exclusive" and that he wanted us to be "a couple"
So when I decided to confront him after a year and a half of dragging me along in a going nowhere relationship with the question of: "What are you short term and your long term goals in this relationship?" he looked at me emotionless and said "it is what it is and I never plan on getting married"
I have moved on and am recently seeing a wonderful man who is crazy about me don't know where it will go yet but he has a good heart. My ex boyfriend is still alone.grin
...and good points jason. I agree with youthumbs up
Wow..I didnt read all the comments untill just now and I gotta say theres a lot of slinging going on..Even my post I didnt realize sounded so harsh.. lol..
Well I got to say ya it does go both ways about the lying but when it comes to sex some of us women are pretty emotional and dont wanna give it to some douchbag who is only thinking about fun for the moment..I feel sorry for Lana that some guy wasted her time and broke her heart..Its not nice for any woman or man to be heartbroken..I've never deliberately tried to use anyone and so because of my standards I dont want someone doing it to me either..
I tend to follow the teachings of Sun T'zu if I lie to someone im trying to know I only lie to myself, and thus doom my efforts.
Having a plan B in life is not sick, its smart.
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