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Ya know when u have gone without for a while and then you start thinking about it and then start looking at the opposite sex as merely toys for your pleasure? Now I know how a guy feels-daily-because waiting for Mr. Right sure does weigh heavily on the parts that Mr. Right-Now could surely fix! I mean I am by no-means a floosy, but's a girl get a little without getting called a lot!
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Get some batteries...javascript:emot('banana');
You need to take matters "in hand",and deal with it.
I understand pleasure is a gift from above. And we all need to feel something at times to help us remember the feelings of being close and protected.
I feel that way sometimes and have given in but now at this very moment i feel their are other things to occupy my time and energy like planting a garden or playing games on the computer.
just drive to the next town and pick some guy for a night and in the morning , tell him you will give him a call , and drive home
Sending someone an email may get thinks going in the right direction. People dont seem to be yous'ing the site to actually find someone?
Is it that people dont at least say "sorry not interested", "lets chat and see what happens", our do we just go
'I'm proberbly wasting my time" and don't contact. Is this why we don't get to meet anyone to foreful our desires?
I think a battery powered device would be far safer than a random one nighter

.. totally agree ... never forget ONE in THREE people have herpies ... (that's just ONE of the latest STD statistics .. ) ... blues
Really thats incredable when I was young and randy you never heard of it.

yeah .. it's a different s*xual world today ... very scary in fact .. I DON'T DO casual sex .. never have .. never will ...
me neither.
maybe once....

and she said the line.

i don't normally do this....
made me feel special.
sex like life is a gamble. but I certainly dont care to pick any one up on the side of a road.
With that new photo you've posted,there is no need to pick up by the side of the road.You can just come on down to Golden,honey.
I like redheads.devil
jodestar.. Well arnt you a happy sausage. Youve just put me off for life Bye!!!wow wow crying
"PROTECTION" and a friend with benefits will hold you over wink
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