what if

what if you love someone so much but they don't love you the same.
what can you do my friends.
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You can't do anything. You'd better move on in time before your heart is broken.
... walk away and never look back. One sided love is not a workable situation. It takes two. Move on ... one door closes, another one opens ... wave
Agree with @jodestir. I was deep in luv with this guy almost a year.
We met, We spent time together. Before he moved to another city, we met again bcuz we will not see again each other.
All the memories with him, I keep in my mind.
But, I never look back, bcuz my life goes on.

Good luck to you, still...

thanks my friends
wave "...but they don't love you the same", as in, they DO love you but not as much?
DON'T GO! Stay! Love is never equal, that's what I believe (if you want you can refer to my blog "a law of nature"). If your heart pounds for this person, don't give up! She appreciates, she knows... After all, we don't fall in love everyday. Some of us never do. And emotional numbness is the worst thing that could happen to a person.

Now, if she has made clear that she doesn't love you at all and wants out, that's a different subject...
There is nothing you can do!!!
no they don't love me at all
oh...well, then just GO and be grateful she was honest about it!
If we talk about the real love, its never selfish. So if u really love someone, u don have to think of any reward. If we think of some reward, its not love. Its just a method of fulfilling desires.
right thanks my friends
no two people love each other the same.love cannot be measured like that.cud be that they are only capable of lovin u to their own standard of wot love means to them,ask urself why you want more.if your not happy cos u think your not getin enough love frm them.move on ana love you more.teddybear
no my friend they just didn't love me but again im moving on
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