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if you was most beautiful and richest person in the world , what did you do ?
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i would give to every charity i can until i was poor.
then i would model until i got the money back
Hello Heliya,

How are you?
I would like to be a very down to earth person who could speak to anybody and doesn't feel more or better because of the money or beauty and try to share this with the other people of how they could feel beautifull themselves and how to attract money.

well, if i was rich ... i think I would be at howaii at the moment.. savouring the beauty of nature. being beautiful is not necessary of u are rich. laugh
it's not something i ever considered .............
thanks dear friends handshake
I would do 3 things.
(1) Get a date with Paris Hilton.
(2) Get a date with Paris Hilton.
(3) Get a date with Paris Hilton.
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