Discrimination, empowerment and involvement

I can write blogs from my ivory tower. I don't need to go to forums of real life to get excited of meeting new people. After all, there is not many whose opinions go gladly approving a schizophrenics' opinions.

There was a vote in Finland a weak ago. We vote for the new representatives to the parliament. My mother and sister despised my choice. People in facebook protested against the new thinking in the political field. There is now the True Finns-party in the parliament. I did not vote for them. I voted for the left wing party.

I have been studying the schizophrenia. I ordered some key-books and evolved my own theory. I wrote a book of my own theory, and my friend promised to correct the Finnish. The schizophrenics, some studies say, are discriminated in the Finnish society. I have experienced mocking. Some of my friends have been beaten and kicked.

Still, I will not give up. Unless there is urge to understand, there cannot be empowerment. And without empowerment, there is no involvement to make things better.
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hi Isaiah, - truth is, I have no idea about discrimination in Finland. But I hope you will have a nice Easter wine
Please tell me how that "feels" to be schizophrenic.
Because I honestly got no clue about "your world", so I openly admit to my ignorance on that field.
And how am I to value someone's opinion if I know so little about where they're coming from?

PS: Happy easter 2 u
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