What's it like to be a schizophrenic

Someone asked me, how does it feel. What's it like to be?

It is hardship of recognizing negative emotions.
All negative was forbidden in the past.

It is hardship in feeling emotions.
All emotions die, when anxiety rules.

It is hardship appreciating other people.
Always on the opposition.

It is wanting to be in isolation.
Others attitudes, and the own vulnerability crash.

It is the demand for understanding, friendliness and love.
Unless there is love, there is no future.

It is a struggle. But it is enjoyable, if you love challenges.
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well, what i can give you as help something for you:
is don,t use much medicine more than what you have,the more you use from doctor,the more bad will be!
because medicine never heals the person, but help something and in other way it harm so great more!
God never give medicine for help,but give things from himself..!
and so is so difficult to stop such medicine if man use,because it will make much more sick if is stoped in unwise manner!
even doctor can,t know how to stop!
only if you seek from heaven help,you may find but not from bible!so is important to use in time medicine what you have,and not later or not before time.
then as help i give this.
bad feelings,or bad thoughts or bad deeds come in man: from such medicine so badly.
so if you do some things good and true,it will help you.
then it will help more:if you don,t sleep much in day time,
but sleep after sun set till morning :the latest 8.00 clock and not more, the more you sleep,the more bad will be !
so awake in time about:7-8.00 clock!
and don,t stay at home only all day without walking in nature,the more you are in nature walking and resting sometime, the more better will be healthy for you !
so little by little do it and not much in one day or not much in one time!keep love in you and reject bad or hate or sadness, when you reject that, and accept love and peace in you, you will be more healthy.so keep ,love,peace and hope and joy in you!
Hugs 4 u hug
i add something:if you sleep after sun set,is best to sleep after 21 clock and not before,because it will give bad dreams!
or bad things.so after 21 clock till 7.oo-8.00 clock in morning!
is good.
I can relate to how you may be feeling as I am bipolar. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder tends to cross over one another. You are misunderstood, standing a world away from everyone else unless you cross roads with someone like yourself as they feel the pain. As there are 3 types of bipolar disorder I fall into the the first one. This list of characteristics is also the longest. Without the medications and counseling I would forever be lost. The one thing I am still fighting with is my urge to go on shopping sprees. This is a compulsion much like alcohol is for and alcoholic. Try to keep the faith! hug
guess I can relate to this, Isaia - in fact it may be universal -
"It is the demand for understanding, friendliness and love.
Unless there is love, there is no future." - which should be everyone's birthright. Thanks for sharing - bouquet
internal struggle to control the beast within comes to mind .
We all have demons to battle in this life. Disorders, Illnesses , Traumatic experiences or emotional issues.

Me? I have suffered from anxiety attacks ever since I lost I father at age 7....it is an ongoing battle that I fight every day.

Know that you are not alone . Stay strong thumbs up
With the best english I know: I much appreciate all the comments. How delightful, the readers restricted themselves from hitting the one badly beaten. And all the comments were encouraging, comments of sharing, faith and compassion. Thank you.
Very difficult to describe Schizophrenia. Erratic is probably as good a word as any, it describes me pretty good anyhow.
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