May I say, it's May

It's my birth month. I will be soon 32 years old. Old, I say, finally. It has been a long youth, with all kinds of disturbing disorders and difficulties. Finally I am old, and no bad day comes as a surprise.

The best thing about being old is that, there is some experience from the past. I can lay back and notice, I master my life and being. I didn't replay my parents way of being, I created my own way.

The break of the family culture was difficult. It took some severe years of rage and disloyalty. But finally I am free from the heritage of my family culture, in peace and ease. I found a man, who appreciates my struggle and outcome.

It is hockey night in our home. He, man, shouts and yells as Finland masters all loses the game. I listen to music, and post to my blogs. It's friday, and the weekend ahead promises sunshine and leisure time.

The past week I spent dancing on a course. The best was coming home and hearing the beloved say time after time: "It is lovely you're home again."
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98 is old. 32 is still young. peace
Great blog! Thank you, Isaiah handshake
Thanks Jana and Jim! Have a nice weekend!
Enjoy yours hug cheering
Isaiah, great daily toughts! I like hockey, even my bro remains with 30 stitches and without two teeth! moping
Enjoy your leisure weekend! bouquet
gift Happy Birthday, I remember when I was 32 rolling on the floor laughing seems like it was just yesterday!!! I L O O K E D in the dictionary and the word OLD means " when your age has three digits in it." cheering cheering cheering
Yeah!...youth is short,life is long...dunno
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