A Cheater Will Always be a Cheater !!

I knew he would be back !!

My Ex , Tried to come back to me 2 days ago ...
He Came to my Office Holding a Bunch of Red Roses and I was like
uh oh uh oh uh oh

And What made me luagh that he was so confident that i would return to him !!! I told him with a big smile on my face
"A Cheater Will Always be a Cheater !!"
And I ended up with him for good !!

Yes I might have feelings for him somehow !!! This is my heart I just can't HATE anyone !! BUT !! I would never go back to him just beacuse he came back holding these roses !! Doesn't mean anything to me !!!

And Im Happy I did so cheers

Cheers To New Start wine

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cool Big girl! cheers
Big Girl ???? Im hoping not by size grin


hahahaha... No, by all means!!! Maybe I should have sayed "Good Girl"! grin innocent
wink Was Just kiddin' dear !

Sweet OF You teddybear

hi , well it looks like its time to start a new life , good luck and god bless you wave
May God Bless you too Sweet Virgo hug

I think it's time for a break !! Relax and Refresh !!

Could u even plz help me also . . How u cme out of ths n how u faced it so bravly . . Jus hattsoff to u . . Plz suggest me also so tht i cn also face it
thumbs up Well done swanyay you stand up for yourself and don't take that guythumbs down devil cheating guy backthumbs up you are right once a cheater thumbs down always a cheaterthumbs down
Stay here with us lot this is where you belongwave
Cheers to a new start! cheers

All the flowers in the world wouldn't erase the hurt of cheating. Its good to be strong & to move on even if it hurts at times. Been there!

You deserve better!teddybear

we all have choices on what kind of person we want to be in this life...he obviously chooses to be a looser grin You deserve much better. You go girl thumbs up peace
lana1234567 Rochester, Michigan USA
13 minutes ago

we all have choices on what kind of person we want to be in this life...he obviously chooses to be a looser You deserve much better. You go girl
Yes lana he had his chance with swan and blew it by cheating on herdevil thumbs down he don't deserve her he is pond lifebarf and you are lovely swanhug thumbs up
That man was an absolute fool!! But you are right, if he cheated on you once, he would do it again. Kick him to the curb and get on with your life.
If more women stood up and held their heads up high, demanded nothing but good treatment, maybe men would have no other choice, but to live up to high standards.
Best of luck to, you should be proud of yourself. I have moved on from a cheater too. a leopard doesn't change it's spots. Fact
thumbs up thumbs up good for you because you are right ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER.

kiss teddybear bouquet
Well done Swan ... hug

I tried groveling to an X, In my fantasies, she would come crawling back to me .. never seen her again ... b arch, where's the remote, thats all I wanted to know anyway. laugh
You made the right decision thumbs up
@Swan Good for you! Don't ever take any crap from any guy! hug
You know What they say, "men are visual" so as long as they have their "vision" I guess they will always be "looking" for something better so don't even worry about em...just have fun and live your life the way YOU want to live ithead banger laugh
very well done!! i'm proud of u! (:
way to stand your ground and you will be more respected from the folks around u.good luck!!!!thumbs up
very funny rolling on the floor laughing laugh grin yay
Smart girl,thumbs up applause applause
Hey Swan you got that right..A cheater will always cheat on everyone they get..
Reading about Arnold Swartzenegger who cheated on his pretty wife with every female he could lay his hands on proves it..He even cheated on the mistresses..lollaugh
hey swan..u did ua good job!!I appreciate ur matured thinking..peace
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