OKAY ... hahahlaugh I don't know why im doin' this !wink

But Im Giving everybody a Chance for ONE DAY only to gimme their opinon in me !!!

BE REALLY HONEST !! I DOn't Care how honest you'll go !!
I just wanna know ...

Come on .. Hit me grin

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Well i don't know you but you look like a very kind and sweet girl.Very pretty also,very exotic looking,you have a magic about you.That Middle eastern look about you.Very Mistic ans Mystery about you.
I would say you love to Party and Family are very important to you.You Love your Family very,very much.wave
OMG BlueOcean !! I don't know you as well but that was the sweetest thing ever !!! rose
I do love My family soooo very much !! i take care of them since along long time ..and they are my everything !!!
And everything you said about me was sooo kind of you my dear
Will be glad to have you as my friend teddybear
You have a good soul !!


@Swan I think you're a real down to earth girl and a sweetheart who probably loves everbody!teddybear
hi virgo wave cheers hug hug
No Comment....
We use it when we don't have enough words to describe our feelings ...you are more than "magical"hug teddybear heart beating kiss
No crawling here,you'r a lovely lady Swan..wow bouquet
in expert opinion...
confused dont know, dont know really..
i think i need a bribe grin
I don`t know you much, but you seam to be full of energy! A lovely woman WHIT brain! cool teddybear
Don't get me shy now blushing
Oh .. hello there Virgo !! wave handshake hug
loool Sweet diamond !! 100% there is nothing magical about me !!
you got me laughing over this !!!! grin
im just trying to be me !! I do have Dark side you know !!
i get angry alot !! i love to get into fights lol
sometimes im careless which is wrong !!
anyways .. you're so cute and kind !! THANX

Aaawwww Parti ..that means alot to me angel
im behave good with good people !! otherwise !! I'll show my kong-fu talent !! looool

You're the best dear THANX

OLYYYYYYYY .. hahahahah !! SweetCake !!
Would a DATE with Parti be enough to bribe you ?grin

wine peace
@baltus67 !! Here is a Rose for you rose
Thanx alot !! that was really thoughtful of you !
yes im really famous with my energy lol cheers
Brain !!? confused i don't remember where did i put that the last time loool

My opinion is that physicially you are young, good looking, have beautiful hair and a great body, with regard to your personallity well I cannot say however if you are kind and caring, patient and considerate then I would envy the lucky men who have the honor to be granted a date by you.
you are just normal like all ladies,,,, but most of the people in CS treating you like you are the most beatiful lady in this world,,,,,,,
@Swan Keep up the DJ ing. That's very cool!cheers
your one of my best friends i luv ya sweet habibi swan
You are a good person and a sweet friend of mine hug
I am going to envy the man that eventually marries her.
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