Always try to FEEL GOOD about yourself (physically and mentally) before you leave your house to your place of work or wherever it is you are going.The truth is,even when you don't look really good but you FEEL GOOD about yourself,it brings out confidence,positive thinking and to a very large extent comfort.
But when you don't,the number of compliments you get that day will never change a thing.
So,start FEELING GOOD about yourself
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BARCA FC forever!

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@Sammyjosh13: yeah I agree with that, confidence is always the key thumbs up

@10kOhms: not sure what your comments are saying here uh oh
he's from madrid.... bet me head he's all for the Merengues... I simply can't stand that club and am all for BARCA -the best/coolest club on earth right after Valletta FC... so... ermm ..

succinctly I was trying to provoke a fight...

so,you are a Blagruana.
Well,thats really sad cos you are going to the cleaners next season.
Sahin,Coentrao,Neymar,Anthiltop,Varane...the list is endless.
You won't forget next season in a hurry.
as long as we have the new Diego (i.e. Lionel Messy) ... NOTHING can stop us!!
Well,i will always remember what you just said and see the excuse you will give come May 2012.
Madrid will be unstoppable.
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