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Just learned about more negativity on this site. While I don't mind the random rude email from a guy who thinks the best way to apparently instantly marry me and get a green card is by treating me like some stupid servant or dumba**, I tried the chat to see if they were friendly. HELL NO! I said that it was juvenile that all they could talk about was sex and they instantly start insulting me, calling me a b*tch, a twat, a noob, a soob (wtf?), stupid, a dumba**, a girlyboy (wtf?), and saying it's hilarious that my mother is dead.
It made me a firm believer in NEVER EVER EVER using CS chat again! It hurt how badly they treated me. For what? For not even knowing me!!!

Hopefully that is not so everywhere and I can remain a member here.

It would be a good thing as I'd like to continue sharing my poetry, and even my songs as I have not given that up. A new one is coming called Gradient Effect. Working on the 2nd verse now.
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its true what u said
and i m so sorry if i hurt u
plz forgive me
sorry again and again
You get that in online game chat too (purchased or otherwise). People tend to forget that you are a real person with feelings and target your character, toon, nic with their insults and infintile slander. Its not just CS, it is everywhere and you can not escape it unless you turn off your computer or cease frequenting these venues.

Stick with the forums. There is still the odd snide remark, insult etc but if it is found that it has offended another, there is normally an apology to follow shortly after. Mostly things are said "tongue in cheek" and not designed to harm anyone but to rather raise an eyebrow or two or glean a laugh.
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