Is there really anyone out there who is seriously

U put your relationship type on here but is anyone really honest about what they r looking for? I will b 29 this year and I want a relationship with someone. I want a life partner who I can fall asleep with, wake up with and laugh ridiculously with. I am a happy person-a loving person-an incredibly wonderful person. Seems guys I have met in the past just wanna hook up instead of make a commitment. I'm not all about that. Everyone likes to have a good time and we all have an itch that only someone else can scratch, but really-i want love. I want come naturally, fun-loving, honest, silly, hopelessly devoted to LOVE. I want a relationship where I can b me- crazy, adventurous, serious at times, strong willed, opinionated, kissful. I just wanna b ME! Not the fake laugh, change the pitch in your voice, everyone has great breath in the mornings, everyone has a great relationship with their family members kind of relationship. A REAL one-one where u burp n fart, u jab him in the eye with your elbow when u r fooling around and u laugh about it together, u hug each other after u play ball with the kids even tho u r both disgustingly sweaty and u kiss, when your teeth hit when u r heavily kissing u barely notice, and when u r "done" u can both laugh at how nasty sex can b, but that's its so worth it! I want to find the one who wants to work everyday and then go on a week-long cruise just u and him and appreciate all the days of hard work. I just want love, the kind of love I can brag about n others can b jealous of! The kind where I can look at him and feel jealous of myself and wonder how I ever got so lucky or did things so right to diserve this man that makes me so happy!

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I would love to find someone too , but not many people here have computers , they are old fashioned and are afraid of new things that big brother might get them , but I tell them if they are not up to anything then they have nothing to worry about ...I live along way from the nearest city and it would be nice to share my life style in the country side where I live wave
You're a real romantic lookinfor luv..'' Hard to imagine why a whole street full of guys aren't lined up at your doorstep..I would..but I'm old school.Bumber!
I wonder the same thing. Most men I meet just want to hook up too. Maybe its better to be single!
Ya know, I'd be tempted to say that there is nothing better than being in love, but that would be a lie. There is such a thing as being in love with being in love, if that makes any sense. When you're in love with being in love, it feels like real love, Eros. And then you fool yourself into thinking that this Eros is becoming Aggappe, unconditional love. But the problem is that it isn't love, it's an illusion of love created out of your own desire for love, you understand?

Sometimes we want to be loved so badly, we trick ourselves into being in love, into falling for whoever returns any affection to us. And this is dangerous, and sad as well, because all your true love is being wasted away on an illusion. And like all illusions, this one will eventually fade. When it does, you will feel a vacous space in your heart.

I speak from experience
@Lookingforluv.. I would say the internet has made it easy for players who are looking for hookups to meet and do these things.

If your looking for a true love, try not rushing into sex too soon and date..Get to know some men and see who is telling the truth or not.

Or chat on the phone then date after awhile and see if his actions prove he is looking for more than just sex.

You could also try meeting men who arent on dating sites. Sometimes I think the internet has made things more complicated than what they have to be.
This brings to mind the question: Can something real really be found through a computer screen? Could be but may be something
Some people have found there partner here at CSapplausebut the % is so small that it makes it difficult to have great expectations.
all dating sites have the same problems with scammers whether its a pay site or free,after 2 months here (allso because of my age)and on various other sites i am sad to discover there are NOT many genuine people looking with serious intentions,to many players even with friendship,BUT I WONT GIVE UP HOPE. sigh handshake wine
Looky, this was a good ad for yourself!
Hope u will be on a track towards ur goal soon.

Well, Lookin', I am not a hooker-upper. Never have been, never will be. Call me old-fashioned if ya want, but I believe that fun and games can wait till marriage
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