May I start by sending my warm regards to my Muslim friends all over the world as today is The first day of Holy Month Of Ramadan hug

And ... OH DEAR GOD IT's NOT EASY TO FAST For 12 hours without water and food under this Hot Sun of Qatar .. lol
my body is getting weeker every hour passes by ..
but my faith is getting stronger i beleive grin and im happy this month has finally come ! you gotta love Ramadan's Nights .. gathring with family and friends , goin out or you just stay in and take the time to pray all night for god and to find ur inner peace angel

Anyways ... you take care all ..
Love ya

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You take care too, Swan! cool hug wine
Well, at least you are commited to your religious traitions and taking them seriouslyapplause Ya'll hang in there, cuz ya know what they say: All things pass with time. Everything passes, including Rahmadhan 9did I spell it right? IDK) Just a question though: Why do Muslims go fasting during Rahmadhan?
Swan...thanks for the congratulation for Ramadan Month,,same to you.

I love this Month so much.


you asked why there is Ramadan?

let me say,bcz,
It is the month that is more significant than all the other months, being the month of love, mercy and forgiveness, which Allah considered to be His month. It is the month that, despite the sufferings it causes and the burdens it imposes, has a special position to all Muslims.
Why does this month has all these privileges?
it is not because of its social atmosphere or the banquets held in it; but rather, it is because of its advantages and qualities that surpass all these banquets. It is the month of Allah, in which all Muslims are His guests and receive His rewards, especially His forgiveness. It is the month of charity and the month of victory and pride. It is the month of unity of all Muslims, as they perform fasting wherever they are.
As we receive the love of Allah in this month, we ought to meet it with a similar love and obedience by fasting this month; not only by abstaining from drinking and eating, but also by performing the other duties of this month, for the month of Ramadan is also the month of praying and supplicating. It is the month of visiting relatives, giving out charity to the poor and the needy, repentance, asking for forgiveness, good morals and calling for Allah.

wish I could answered your question " Lum".

so,Ramadan Mubarak,to all who Fast ,and to all who cares about it.
Isn"t Allah the same one that forgives terrorist for killing innocent people ??

yes it's the same allah who frogives terrorists and anyone else who kills innocent people (since we tend to mention only terrorists, it's good te remind that it ain't just 'em folks who do that; no? .. well, I condem any sort of violence & offenders.) ...

... but ... Where do terrorists come in? Anyone mentioned terrorism?

I think u are making some pretty bad confusion mate ...

@ swan87: Thank you kindly for this informative summary of Ramadan. It is always best to hear from a reliable source :). Many blessings for you this month of August, the Month of Ramadan. I always thought Ramadan was in september, lol. Here's hoping ya get lotsa visits from the relatives you love and/or tolerate lol. May Gold Allmighty bring ya peace and blessings :)

@ iowaoutlaw: No dude, you're thinking of Ahrimanyu. Allah is not a name, it is a title. The God the muslims worship is a pretty damn nice guy, really, whose mercy exceeds his wrath. It's the jackasses who CLAIM to pratice Islam who say Allah will pardon them. But really, these people are not Muslims, they're jackasses who USE Islam to justify their douchbagginess (pardon my language. Terrorism is for pussies) They're just like that wacko from Norway who called himself a christian and then started shootin up some kids, know what I'm saying? This reminds me of a great saying: Never confuse the Faith with the supposedly faithful. But what the heck do I know? I never read the Quran in my life, laugh
Thank you swan and may Allah bestow many blessings on you..
Here in Germany it is quite summer this year..but I am grateful for it now since it does help me in my first Ramadan and I am happy it is here..
oh plz, read this in a very Calm way,,with out nervous;

I like to say that( you who said that ALLAH forgives the people who kills the innocent people),, I say no,,you miss understood.
ALLAH doesn't forgive a person who kill the other for no reason,,and the people who are killing the innocent people for no reasons,,they are doing this under the name of Islam ,and Islam is not allowed this to happen at all.
and those who kill people here and there are not Muslims at all!!!.
they are far from any Religion .

you have to know,,that Islam and Christians too don't allow any kills and don't allow any kind of hurting people,,,both of these Religions advise us for a peace and respectful,and forgiveness.

I wish you got my idea.
fellow blogers, muslims and christian and whatever else alike...

Despite terrorism & killings fit absolutely no where with this blog -and for discussing this, I apologies to the blogess, swan smitten - I would like u to know that many terrorists, the ones who die for their ideology, have been brainwahsed by false ideology (under the name of Islam despite it definately is not islam at all) since they were kids.

They HONESTLY believe that what they're doing is indeed what god wants them to do because that is what they've been taught for ages... do u even for a second believe that a loving god will punish someone who HONESTLY believed that killing innocents was the ultimate way of pleasing him and went as far as giving his own life to please him?

Well folks, if u believe in a god who punsihes such people (also known as terrorists -THE HONESTLY CONVINCED/BRAINWASHED ONES AND TO SOME EXTEND VICTIMS 'EMSELVES), then god is not loving and extremely unjust ...

NB: please note the emphasis on the word 'HONEST' in me post.

you can go for a swim wave
@ iowaoutlaw69 !! I wouldn't even BOTHER MYSELF to answer you ..cuz my blog has NOTHING to do with Torrirst and Killing !!
You're out of ur mind and u have no right to speak out your opinion about Allah ! cuz we dont need it ..!
Why am I replyin' to u that way ?? Cuz you Deserve it !
Zahra My sweet heart ! Ramadan Mubarak habibti teddybear
May Allah Bless you and your family for always ..
and Thank you so much for being here posting your comments and replying to people here're a good friend ..hug

Have yourself a healthy fasting my dear and enjoy beautiful Ramadan heart beating

Take Care sugar

How lovely you are iamwhoiamyousee bouquet
May Allah Bless you , your family and loved ones ..
Im glad it's not summer in there !! and i hope that you're
enjoying your first Ramadan in there ..wish you the best of luck honey teddybear

Ramadan mubarak swan and all my brothers and sisters i am happy since i am with my family during these days and i am out of qatar
Ramadan mubarak swan and all my brothers and sisters i am happy since i am with my family during these days and i am out of qatar
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