Summer 11

I published my first book. I took a trip to islands i have never visited. That's about all of my summer 11.

I made a new friend, with whom i've spent some time. I am tired of spending 24/7 with my spouse.

In September the lectures begin. I have extra-curriculum courses of helping other unlucky and some work telling about schizophrenia in schools.

My garden looks better than ever and I get quite a joy just sitting outside and drinking wine. I also participated in one competition with my photos,,, we'll see...

My book is written in Finnish, my native. It has been on market for two weeks now. One has bought it. I didn't expect much. What is important for me is, that now it is finally written.

I guess this was the happiest summer that I have ever lived. The August means that in few days it is over. But i will keep swimming in the sea and the rivers. I keep taking photos. I keep sitting in my garden and drinking wine. Untill the rain comes and the trees fall out their leaves.
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well comeback dear Isaiah6517,
I remember your nice blogs before and i used to read bouquet
Thank you Kamrani!
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