Relationship, in my case

Sometimes it is "f*ck you, f*ck you very, very much."
That's what i am listening right now.
All things cannot go as i wish. Sometimes there is disappointments.

Still, it feels, it is more than the disappointments. It feels something worth trying. "Come what may", is on my playlist as well. No matter what may come (not betrayal) i keep on trying.

When two, totally adult, come together and try to create common life, there is two cultures to meet. How clean the home needs to be? How much time do each other need on his or her own?

We have our one-year-anniversary soon. Things have troubled. But still, for some reason, God knows what, we keep fighting for something we once found.
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am not sure I got what u mean ... kidna, do u wanna say that u shag a lot when in a rel?
Howdy There guess my Blog is for you.. u should see it and let me know if it helps
what have you fought for in your realationship.....?
How clean the home needs to be... I can help you with my granny´s words... "as clean you can have your meal on floor, if necessary ..."wink
others I cannot help with...... popcorn
Didnt get all of the message but from what i get theres a lot of tension, steam blowing off ,a relationship isint always a picnic ,but as long as your still talking and in your words (fighting for something we once found) .You still got a chance but if you stay angry to long avoid discussions ultimatly it will lead too silence and thats when its over ,hope it doesent get there and works out for the best.
Sometimes fights can be fun especially when angry makeup sex is included.
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