Okay .. So im dating this great guy and things are going well thanks to God !!
now i don't know how my ex knew about that !!!! he is extremly jelouse and Crazy ! and i didn't knew that about him until lately he started to contacting me ,calling me , sending text msges and even Facebook msges as well ..

i didn't reply to all of that just this morning he came this morning to my office started to scream and shout on my face asking me who is this new guy and all ..!! i just called the secuirty and they thru him out of the building !!
i was so stressed ! seeing my ex doin this to me !uh oh

so i told my guy about him and he steped up like a real man smitten he asked me for my ex numebr and called right infront of me ..and threated him saying that if u ever come near by my love , im gonna kick ur a** ..and i need no police to do so ... so becarefull ! loool

What a man grin i like him so much ! he stand up for me really well and was so sweet and thoughtful and supporting purple heart

That's the kinda guy i need in my life heart beating
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hip hip , all the best to you ,I hope the new guy is still round your ex , dose he think he owns you banana
hmmmmmm, reading ur story about ur ex manner part, I don't have to know the reason why u broke with him. It easily can be guessed. Pleased to know that u have smone better who can always protect u and love u as well.bouquet
You didnt need this Swan ..Dont they have Restraining Orders where you are?? They do here and the cops will put youre ex peanut in jail if he comes anywhere near you..doh bouquet

So happy for you! He sounds like one heck of a guy and you ex just lost out...too bad for himtongue wave
Yes lana , I hope he dosent come back and be a fool wave
Probably thinks he is a cowboy that put his brand on you and your his forever ,ex a** stalker behavior .Hope it doesent come down to your boyfriend having to educate your ex .
wow wow can i you find for me that kind of guy swan grin your new bf , i mean grin
Sounds like your ex has some real issues.
Perhaps he should see Belle for therapy. laugh

we all have 'em issues of some sort init? laugh
Now don't get jealous of Swan's ex.
You're still Belle's #1 patient. laugh
Jim - I knew you couldnt be far away, how is the troll hunter this evening
It's Sunday morning here Yazz wave
Jim - so polite, so unlike you, its evening here, good morning then
Yazz, apparently, you know little of me. I am ALWAYS polite UNLESS someone lashes out first. Then, they may get both barrells. cool
@ Yazz : GOD surely hears ur prayer Yazz. Jim is here now.
Welcome, Jim. Nice to know uhandshake
Hello Viani wave

um... lets not hijack Swan's blog.
Back on topic.
Jim - not hijacking, just so happy to see you tonight my dear troll hunter
@ Jim : as ur wish, Jimapplause
let's back to the topic then
@ Swan : sorry for the intermezopeace
And you know what you guys !! Deep inside .. i felt sad for my ex for what he has done !! i spent a year with him full of fights and pain and now as he see that im moving on with such a great catch ..he wants to destroy my happeniess ..
some humen can be soooo controling and so insane !!
i was sad cuz the way he was acting in my office and the way the secuirty toke him .. was really hurting me somehow !!
i mean ..we were in love one day and i know that caused me nothing but pain !! but still !!
he wanted a last fight i gave him one !
hehehe you sweet guys !! don't be sorry cheers
Talk about whatever you want in here !!
i might join you .. grin
Um... no need to hunt them, when they post blogs (which got deleted) stating "trolls are needed here". It's easy to see
for those who understand and observed consistent behavior over an extended period of time. You'll see, eventually.

Again, lets get back on topic of Swan's jealous ex. and her new boyfriend.

BTW Swan, did you wash your car yet ? laugh
You know what Jim !!!
No I didn't grin
The key is being able to fully let go of the past and embrace your new relationship Swan. Make sure that you d nt give your new guy reason to think that you still have feelings for your ex. peace
Sweet Jim !!
I have no feelings for my ex and that's for sure !!!
i felt sorry for him !! that's all
all i care about now is my new baby purple heart and im taking things slow from my side so i wont do the same mistakes i did with my ex !!
anyways the new guy is really nice and open minded !
Pray for us Jim !

Pray for the car as well laugh
Jim - you seem to know a lot on this subject, have you personal experience?
This blog is about Swan, not me.
Of course all my advice comes both from appropriate readings and personal experiences. I'm sure we all have dealt with both jealous exes and jealous currents. I am only reminding her to reassure her boyfriend because new relationships can tend to be more unstable due to misunderstandings.
Jim - you are right, we all need to be careful of missunderstandings in the early days of relationships and I am so sorry to hear you have personal experience on this subject
Thanks, but it's not that unusual.

Jealousy has it's roots in insecurity.
Naturally, any relationship is lacking
the most security at the beginning,
or later if problems arise.

In Swan's ex situation, their relationship
has the most problems - it's over. laugh
Apparently, her ex thinks he still has a chance
and has not moved on emotionally, which is what he
should do. peace
Swan..the important thing is that you Calm down,and be happy with your new boyfriend,and that's great he understands you.
from his action at the office ( new one) seems he is a brave one.

when I read again again your blog,a sentence got my attention which is:

{now i don't know how my ex knew about that !}

so,do you think he is participate in this site CS,,and always reads your Blogs?
so,,he knew from what you said last time that you will meet your new boyfriend?
other wise, how did he know about that Date?!!
isn't a good question?conversing

Betmanalik al khair Swan,,w kil al sa3adi ma3 al shab yalli feeki te3temdi 3alaih..w ykoon sanad elek..yhebbek,yehtermek,w yekermik kaman.

It's never a good idea for two people to get into a fight.Bad things happen during fights and it can go to far.Best to be rational and logical about this and let the police do their work.That way your boyfriend can not get hurt or hurt someone else,nor will either end up in jail due to a fight.
You are so lucky to have met someone who is willing to stand by your side. Good on him...and..congratulations my friend ;-)
Two words: Restraining. Order.
"i don't know how my ex knew about that".

Change all your passwords to everything, email, windows, CS, etc. It could be that he either already knew some or all of your passwords or was able to guess them from knowing you.
For the record I am a network administrator and I (necessarily) guess passwords all the time. People are predictable.
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