Yesterday i met my friend my collegue in enginering college he came back from UK he told me there is no job available in UK i planned to go there now feeling little sad hearing that is it a real problem there........
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you could get a job on a ship or factory ship as an engineneer or motor man , till a job opens up in the field you desire banana
What about the Olympic Games Site..dunno cheers
British engineers are coming to work in Doha because there is no work for them back home. British engineers are working all over the gulf.
Try migrating to Australia or New Zealand, they need engineers there and if you pass the age test and english test youll find a life of a lot more prospects in both these countries than in Europe.
go to austraila and get better pay for your hours worked , the iorn ore mines need you banana
thanks for the comments i i think so thought of newzeland .....
best way is to create job, not to look for job. peace
I was a paraprofessional (teachers aide)..educated and had to keep 20 hours of continuing education every year.. I was furloughed in June 1 due to the cutbacks to education..

I have been unemployed and cant find work in a adjoining county situation I have even went an hour and 45 mins to look.. Its so hard right now for work.. My county in Pennsylvania has an 13% unemployment rate.. high very high... we are in serious trouble. sad flower
I'm sorry to hear that, Country. Wow, that's high. I think in Washington it's 9%, and their thinking teachers should make $60,000. What about a teacher's aide job in a private school?
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