Travel Journal on August 30, 2011

Wake up at 1 am and try to get back to catch more zzzs. yawn

The breakfast is good, better than dinner. thumbs up

We have a 2 hours ferry drive. The ferry is huge, operated by Stena Line. The TD says we get lucky. Good for us!yay

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Also use the opportunity during the ferry trip, per TD's suggestion, to spend my DKK coins and change my DKK notes into SEK notes. Buy some chocolates and am patting my back for being a good person not buying that barley. (sulking after the tour finishes ... remembering the yummy barley)blushing

We have a quick tour in Gothenburg, which is the second largest city in Sweden. It is situated on Sweden's west coast at the outlet of the Göta river. Gothenburg has a reputation of being a friendly place, even more welcoming than the Swedish capital. It’s a busy city for sure.

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We arrive in Oslo in the afternoon. We are lucky again to have a hotel located in downtown area. The hotel’s receptionist advises us to watch our belongings, though. He says that there are lots of crimes happen recently.uh oh

This is a new hotel, and I get lucky this time. My room is huge. I have a living room too! This is more like an apartment to me! Wish my own room like this at home. Have time before the optional dinner, so I walk to the pedestrian street which is behind the hotel. And there are lots of people around! I don’t feel any threats at all. dunno

Meet two of my travel mates at Hard Rock as they don’t join the optional dinner. Am almost tempted to buy the T-Shirt for my brother, but then, I can get cheaper in my home country. Find a good Norwegian t-shirt for him, though.

The optional dinner is out town, but in a beautiful area. The fjord view is awesome! We almost don’t want to return to our table due to better view outside! My fish (brown trout) is yummy and my wine is good too. Have a good conversation with my travel mates during the meal course. It seems they also have a good time too. Cheers to us! wine

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Mizzy..I feel lonely here???
You might see Morg there in Oslo..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing bouquet
Have Fun...bouquet

Hi Particolorwave

If you feel lonely, then don't spend your time in front of your computer laugh Go out and meet people giggle

Who is Morg? I didn't meet any CS members whilst traveling. A good idea, though. Maybe next time hmmm
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