Travel Journal on August 31, 2011

God morgen, Oslo!

The streets in downtown are mostly blocked due to the visit of the Prime Minister of South Africa. And it means we walk intead taking the coach today. I like this better, walking around. gotta go

We have a local guide for our orientation in Oslo. She is a charming lady but walks very fast. We all have to run after her so we are not left behind. giggle

I like Vistas of Akershus Castle, City Hall, National Theatre, Parliament, Royal Palace. But I don’t like much the Gustav Vigeland’s stark sculptures of people in Frogner Park. confused

We have free time that I spend to walk around downtown Oslo. It’s an interesting and a bit sad when I pass the church where people put flowers to remember who have died recently.

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I am enjoying my walk that I almost miss the time to get into the bus.
roll eyes

Farvel Oslo!

I fall asleep in the bus during the journey to Telemark. I might be too tired. Hope am not drooling nor snoring. uh oh

Telemark area is located in southeastern Norway, extending from Hardangervidda to the Skagerrak coast. The coastline extends from Langesundsfjorden to Gjernestangen at the border to Aust-Agder. Telemark has a very broken and heterogeneous landscape, including many hills and valleys.

We arrive at Kongsberg in the afternoon. Kongsberg is a town and municipality in Buskerud county, Norway. It is located at the southern end of the traditional region of Numedal. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Kongsberg. Kongsberg is perhaps best known for being the home of Norway's major defense contractor, Kongsberg Gruppen, formerly Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk. One of its products was the Kongsberg Colt.

I like my cute tiny room. Have time to walk around before and after dinner. Stop by at a supermarket to buy fruits. I love fresh cherry!

The included dinner is held in the hotel and the food is surprisingly good. It’s a seating arrangement, not a buffet. No wine, though. Our tour director advises not to buy alcohol whilst we are in Norway as it is very expensive.
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