what do you think about Amanda Knox ?

Do u believe if Amanda Knox is Murder of Meredith Kercher!
I can't believe Amanda Knox can like that.
Or Money can make pay justise????
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I think she accomplished, but u know what.. its all just speculations. I have a scenario that i imagine happened. How u look at this one depends on your abilety to see motives of the three people as a gang.
I think the idea was to force her to sex. It went out of hand.
That is my speculation.
I believe someone was paid. Its not unheard off. I mean after 2 years this guy suddenly decides that the other two were not involved and makes a claim he acted alone. After all this guy got a deal and is only doing 20 years for his part/confession.
She's sexyhmmm
hi! wave ... all of us can only speculate.. conversing about what happened that night..

i've seen lots of videos of the crime scene, the forensic and other experts opinions, her testimony, her friends n other people speaking up for her etc etc...

and there are strong indications that she's innocent ...so i'm willing to give her benefit of doubt... and also i believe the local media there really was biased against her and already declared her guilty before the verdict .. doh doh
but, somehow i'm not 100 % convinced that she's innocent .god only knows what happened that night...maybe she wasn't an active member..maybe an onlooker, maybe it was her boyfriend ..maybe someone else.... and how could she have missed the bloody footprint on the mat...

but what i feel really angry about is the fact that evidence wasn't collected properly ...and that is what has added to everybody's confusion...... it took them 46 days to find the bra clasp ! doh ... and the dna sample was insufficient or contaminated... dunno ...and also the fact that it took the process 4 long years!!

i'm not saying that amanda was the killer...i'm saying most probably not ...but if justice has been denied in any way.. as in meredith's family still haven't come to a closure ... it's hugely the fault of media ...and also the shabby work of forensic experts at the crime scene..
Could be magra. But i bet u feel that partly cos u recon she has blood on her hands u know. Hay i'm libaral towards pervo feelings but the q is alaways the action one take.
So i wan't judge u if u watch a dirty porr with her, but if u kill sombody who is a sweet human being i will. See my point?
Rape is unacceptable too.
Morgen, i'm pretty much aware of everything that happened and i sure don't find excuses for murder, rape or any other similar facts. She deserves punishment as a social/legal response for what she have done, no question about that. But i still find her sexy. handshake
I think she is a lucky girl , now if she is inocent , then wouldn't she put a claim for all the hassle of being in prison , loss of earnings and all the bills that go along with all of the crap she has gone through and emotional hurt ?

50 million should cover it all ...so when the book , then the movie and the game comes out ...

then we can judge her banana
I allready judged her, did that when i sat at the plane from Edinborrogh and read abut it in the papers late 07.
But u magra im not gonna judge for finding whoever sexy. Can't jude a man for what thoughts are in he's head. Its the actions he take that matters. handshake
No, I don't believe she did it or was in on it. It is very rare that a 20 year old female could do such a heinous crime. Not saying it doesn't happen, but it is very rare. Females in general can't do the blood and gut thing well.
I don't her boyfriend was in on it either. The guy they have in prison, did it. He is the one that knows if he had help or not.
I feel for Merediths family not having any straight answers. how are they suppose to move on.
I dont understand why media is interested in a person accused or acciteda of murder. they get all the glory, the movie and book deals. true there are those who expect to be paid for their incarceration. at least they are alive. the victim gets nothing andd the family will get hate mail more than likely.
as for young girls not committing murder or violent acts what about lolita?
outdoorgirlsun do you ever watch the crime and investigation channel,there is plenty of programs on it about women who kill,and have no problem with the guts or blood,a killer can be anyone,young or old, i dont now if she done it or not,so ill sit on the fence with this one,good points though guys
And yes some killers have no real motives at all other than thrill. If that's what you can call motive. Having roommates are scary. I still believe that an innocent person need not lie. amd Ms. knox lied not just once. Memory lapse is excusable for once or even twice more than that is highly suspicious. But the system needs an evidence and there are some lawyers who are more eloquent than the others. Aside from the fact that all Amanda's relations are well presented. I mean they all look as if movie stars being interviewed. While the victim's family looks like a drab with minimal visibility. Just an opinion though. Only time can tell.sad flower
Having not seen the evidence..I'm 50/50dunno bouquet
I was,nt there so you know what..i cannot judge the situation,all i know is that a beutiful young lady was murdered. R.I.P
She did it! I looked at a picture of her just after the verdict....the look on her face was so smug! and Evil. Eyes are the window to the soul - and hers is a bad one.....she got off on a technicality and I believe a lot of money changed hands womewhere along the line - her airline ticket was already booked and paid for before the trial - someone had inside information!!

I feel for Merediths parents, the anquish they must feel and their despair that these 2 people have been released! Justice has not been served in my eyes.

Foxy Knoxy will make millions from this, it should be against the law to profit in such circumstances - but their are the ghouls that will buy the book, watch the movie, every tv interview and appearance

Even if the prosecution are successful with their bid in an appeal, USA has no extradition with Italy - so she is safe! What goes around comes around! She deserves no sympathy in my eyes - she showed absolutely no sorrow for Meediththumbs down
Outdoor, I have to disagree. Yes the percentage of women/girls cruel killers is lower than this of men but when they kill it's really very cruel! We had several cases here with teenage girls who killed in an extremely cruel way other girls (their classmates) for really absurd and stupid reasons. In one of the cases the two killers (15-16 yr-old girls) humiliated the victim in all the ways and then strangled her for about an hour! doh I even can't stand the thought of it...
She's American. Therefore capable of going around the world killing people, no problem.
The sickest thing is how the US film industry will make her rich. Innocent or guilty Im not sure why she should profit when a really innocent girl died 4 years ago.
Let her have all the doe she wants. She will never be happy.

There are more important things in life then monay.

Agree its sick however and should be illegal to profit from.
Guess virgo had a point when he said we can judge her later, though i made up my mind allready.

Love to Meredith!
Feel good people that we are together in loveing her.
Understand? That means a ray of light that we share.
It means we are not alone here neither one of us!
Cos we are together in this feeling.
Only the black guy is paying fordevil
I hope they catch the killer.

I think Amanda Knox is guilty of something. I know very little about the case. Just a gut feeling.
Excessive alcohol use and youth is a dangerous and sometimes unpredictable combination.
hmmm it is all a bit weird but what can you say she got found not guilty.
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