Nothing as much fun as sex can be good for you, surely? In fact, though it's probably the last thing on your mind when you're doing it, intercourse offers a whole range of overlooked health benefits. As well as satisfying your desires (when done properly) sex can do wonders for both your physical and psychological wellbeing. So next time he tells you he's not in the moodcheers cheers cheers hug
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well im just glad to hear it.... im healthy.... well geus you have to factor in std's, so its healthy with a clean sdeady partner.
YES INDEED SEX is for good health if you both wanted it and done properly. Good sex means good health and relation.

SEX relieve or reduces pain. When we get excited and we are at our climax our body do release hormones and one of this hormone is oxytocin which act same as morphine.

SEX promotes RELAXATION AND GOOD SLEEP. well we all know the feeling of how enjoyable this activity is, the thrill the racing excitement churva and everything (for non virgin only). After reaching the height of adrenaline rush which is the o*gasm, an intense wave of calm and relaxation overcomes (reason why men fall asleep easily why? men fall asleep easily? because when they give in to it its full force sudden gush of blood and testosterone rush, while WE women, can be in stable condition)

And if you have good sleep, this allows you to handle stress much more efficiently and calm mood.

SEX BOOST IMMUNITY- if you do it once or twice a week you are producing more antibodes for your immunity specifically IgA which helps you fight colds and infection. But beware unprotected sex could also lead to INFECTION. so better be safe.

SEX IS A GOOD FORM OF EXERCISEdancing A good cardiovascular exercise, our heart pumps fast when we are aroused, and through out the phases of sex.

SEX Detoxify
- hence its a good cardiovascular exercise, it promotes good blood flow throughout our body therefore provides oxygenated blood in our body system and rids the body of old and wasteful products.

Sex gives you SHINY HAIR!!! so mentioned above.. Sex is a good exercise we perspire, then it boost relaxation therefore it dilates the pores, sex detoxify it cleanses, and helps release our natural sebum.. end product? healthy shiny hair!! (^.^)

This kind of topic in our school days has never been boring, and actually became one of my case presentation and i enjoy this topic and worth sharing. applause
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