Anybody Here !! (^_^)

Oooooohhhh how i missed everyone heerrrrrrrreeeee
it's been like ages that i didn't write within my fav. site !

so who's married ? wine

who's not ? grin

im nothing like Both !! loool but im not single anymore smitten
That's for sure !!!! love

All are good and i wish the same for everybody

Com onnnnnnnn !! Where are you my friends .. Free hugs for everybody today loool
just for today !!! hug hehehe

I really Missed you teddybear

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Hey beautiful Swan!! Great to hear from you and that you are happy :))

We are all fine here grin

Kisses and hugs for you! teddybear bouquet
Sweeet Jana !! Missed you hunny hug wine

Im Glad you're fine too , hope for always !

With my Love heart beating

Please, come and visit us every now and then... When you aren't too busy with your love wink blushing kiss
loooool I promise i will ... Can't get enough of him to be honest !!! grin hehe

But im not only busy with him !! work is taking most of my time .. i got promoted to a higher position so more responsiblities !! frustrated

how is life with you jana ! plz tell me more angel
Swan i thought about you one hour ago as i deleted some comments i stored and never used, ur name was in one of them.

Glad to see you again!
Throw your arms around 10k's neck now.
He need you in cyberspace now as some i-jets try bash that spice intresting young man for no other reason then him being spicy.

Seeing you is like being reminded of the good old days!
I vision of love on two feet u are! hug

Swan, great news coming from you! I am sure love brought you luck, or actually, made you more motivated! Good luck in your career!

Nothing special about me, just working and blogging wink

You can have a look at the latest blogs to get an idea what's going on... It was quite boring for a while, now there are signs of some storms or wars uh oh roll eyes Guess people were really bored so have started all this laugh hug
@morgenulv hug hug hug

Im so glad i saw you here too , missed you and missed your sweet funny comments ! cheers
gotta say ! the old times are the best times ! you always have a nice memory somewhere !!
Thank you Morgen , Thank you for being so kind and i hope you're always doing great !!!

kisses heart beating
Jana hun laugh poeple will always creat rumores to spice things up !! like that elinen comet were ppl went crazy about !! they even said the end of world would be on Sep. and nothing happened ofcourse !! doh

Anyways !! im gonna check out the blogs over here !! damn it
it's been so long !!!! sad flower
So did we Swan. So love struk hom this time ha'!?!!!

SUPER! Happy for you! cheering boogie thumbs up

Since im such a musiclover i wanna send u a song, the one im listening to right now.

Its instrumantal and bit special type (jazzrock)
but see if u like it, u may even find it romantic as i do.

Believe it or not but i had a dream once with this song in it
and it was a romantical dream. Lol u know what her and me were doing in the dream? (as this song playd in the backround)
-we were scateboarding side by side down a closed off mororway, closed of for her and me laugh - and to me that dream was very romantical.
heart wings purple heart purple heart
Know it sounds wierd but that was the dream

Here it is: Pat Metheny Group - are you going with me
Love is in the air !! lool love

What a Sweet , Cute Dream ! loool And I thought you both were doing somethin' else ! hehe grin

Well , Damn it my luck ! im at work now and i can't open the link cuz of the internet access ! anyways ! i would be happy to open from home As soon as im there tonight peace

you're a music lover so i think you have a good taste for sure

Spell: skateboarding down a motorway.

Cheers purple heart
Hi there Swan,

Where've you been? Long time! Anyway, good to see you again.
I missed you too.....teddybear heart wings
Titsy !!!! Hunny ! looking Great As Always ! I love your profile picture ! keep it up ! thumbs up

I've been all busy with my mother sickness ! my work and the new love wink

All good but been busy ! how about you ? hope all good at your end sugar kiss
All is well here Swan. Hope your mom is getting better and better each day....Am glad to hear of your new found love.....Have a good night (night here anyway) and take care....teddybear
hi , Swan banana teddybear
Hiiiiiiiii Virgooo hug hope ur just fine dear
Nice to see you here again Swanwine
And great news that you found someone, I am happy for you hunbouquet
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