Busy week

Have been busy at work last week that I don’t have much energy left this weekend. sigh

Hope I can survive next week too, as there are still some events to do, at least until Tuesday. Wish I could take leave after that. sad

Have to attend a colleague’s wedding party tonight. I didn’t feel up going, but I had to. rollers

Anyway, it was a great party. Met lots of colleagues and we had a blast ... wine Too bad it will be Monday tomorrow.giggle
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I haven't had a break in 7 weeks but today I just decided I've reached my limit and taking a well deserved breather.
once i ve worked 102 hours in one week.but it was a respective job and very well paid.so i m not complaning.
good luck with ur work toowine

Hope your deserved breather is great! wave

Thanks, I am not complaining either, but am really counting until tomorrow and after that, I can take a breather ... I hope! laugh
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