My Friday, November 11

Have not been feeling quite well lately, but felt the worst today. Thankfully a colleague of mine has given me some medicines for my fever. Thanks, Girl! hug

C, a friend of my friend kept asking about how to apply visa to Europe for many times. I even explained the same things to her for over 3 times, but she still asks them again. So I finally tell her to call a travel agent. I talked to J, my friend and she mentioned that she has suggested the same thing to C too. So why did C keep asking me not the travel agent? confused

Have promised to see S another friend later evening. She just came for her sister’s wedding party this Sunday. It’s Friday and is very hard to get an unoccupied taxi. I had to wait for over one hour for a taxi. moping

Should agree when T, a friend of mine, offered to pick me up. sigh But then, he would be a chauffeur only as T was not invited to join our dinner. So better not to do so. scold

I finally got my taxi. The traffic was worse, and the driver took the wrong street that I got delayed for 20 minutes. Have told S the bad news, and she said she had to go home. She couldn’t wait for me. I was asked to come to her partner’s house tomorrow morning to see her. No thanks! mumbling She was the one who wants to see me. She knows where I live. I don’t know where her partner’s house is. dunno

I called T, and he was laughing very hard when I told him what happened. Very funny! roll eyes He then took a pity and went to see me with A, his boyfriend. giggle

They even accompanied me for dinner at the food court. Well, I had my dinner, they just had light snacks, for they had their dinner earlier. Thanks guys! You’re very sweet! hug
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An intersting story, and a shared glimpse from an equally interesting life, from a lovely and interesting (but not very trusting) lady! You have some good friends. I appreciated your tale as it allowed me to see into another reality, the one lived by you, in the city where you reside, in the country of your birth (?). Quite different to the life that I lead. Thank you.

Maybe one day you will overlook your indifference and send me a friendship request? I will look forward to that although I won't hold out any hope in the meantime. One has to be realistic after all!
Hi sorry you haven't been feeling well! It is so disappointing when friends let you down, but I am glad that you still have friends who can make you smile! Hope you feel better soon! cheering hug
Hi Mizzy,

It's not easy indeed to find a taxi on Friday night, next time you better order it by phone few hours or even a day beforegrin

Lucky you have such good friends aroundcomfort hug wine

@ Cloud94ever:

Thanks for your comments about what happened to me last Friday. That's true that I have good friends and I am grateful for them!

Lets agree that we are too different people, but you are welcome to post any comment in my blogs bouquet

Hey Marina wave

Thanks for the best wishes about getting better soon. I actually have very cool red eyes now ... and they are original not contacts laugh

My friends said that I am a vampire. Cool, huh? giggle
Hi Mizzy,

It's not easy indeed to find a taxi on Friday night, next time you better order it by phone few hours or even a day before

Lucky you have such good friends around[/quote}

Hi chicawave

That's true a nightmare to find an unoccupied taxi on Friday evenings. And it is not really helpful to order taxi beforehand. Have tried before and it never come.

Am grateful that I have such good friends laugh
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