Saturday activities

Was glad when my regular masseur came to the house this Saturday morning. Thought I had to go to the masseur place. mumbling

Don’t like the cubicles as they were separated with curtains only. And there was no gender separation. How if someone by mistakes open the curtains whilst we are having a massage session? blushing

So whenever I have to go to the masseur place, I always put on my underwear which make them a bit smelly with the massage oil afterwards. sigh

I was similar to a zebra after my masseur scrub my back.laugh She said that I was not allowed to take a shower after that too. uh oh No way, Jose. laugh I am going for a haircut afterwards, so of course I will take a shower. Don’t want anybody give me a wide berth when I was having a haircut. blushing

G and J picked me up later and they commented that my back was really blue black. Interesting. I have a temporary body tattoo which can last for 2 days. Or maybe I can say to everyone that I was beaten by my angry friends. hmmm

My hairstylist said that my eyes were red. Oops! hole My vampire bloods did show off. Or was it a werewolf who had red eyes? So we went to a nearest department store afterwards to buy sunglasses for me. G bought a cool t-shirt whilst J bought a dark brown lipstick which suited her very much. thumbs up

J left us behind when her boyfriend called. So G and I continued our mall hopping. We took a pedicab to go to another mall for lunch. Almost bought some pirate dvd, but we didn’t do at the end. Not because we were good, but there were no new films. grin

G’s girlfriend came to join us in the afternoon, and she wanted to go to another mall. This time we took a taxi as it was quite further. My legs were killing me, so I begged G and R to leave me at a bookshop and they could continue shopping. nerd

I had fun time at the bookshop until they picked me up for dinner. We went to Pizza Marzano and shared a large pizza, baked mushrooms and two desserts. As the love birds are still too early to go home, I went home by myself. grin

Got text messages from my old friends to see them tomorrow. Oops, another eating out expedition ... and I have gained too much weight already. blushing
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Hi Mizzy.....glad you had fun! But make sure you don't get black and blue after a massage!!! wink laugh

Hey Marina wave

Yep, it was fun. Was getting better after the scrub massage. Well, if you are not sick, you won't get blue black like me laugh
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