How to wake up your Girlfriend...!!!!!

laugh laugh
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I posted this a while back.

I think you may mean EX - girlfriend. laugh
BAD BAD guys! You like to tease us!giggle No dinner for next 20 years!!!grin
seems like something i would do . wich probably explains a lot .lol.
Waking a women up early in the morning from a deep sleep with something else the only way to go...laugh
Ru cool
I can see, men do not know to make nice breakfast ... grin so they ad-lib...innocent grin laugh
how inventive! I'm waiting for the reverse ! rolling on the floor laughing
Here's to all woody's early in the morning yay
laugh That was too funny and I
can't help myself laughing....rolling on the floor laughing
But if that is how my other half is going
to wake me up, boy! I'm going to kick his
balls real hard....very mad laugh

I'm going to kick his
balls real hard....

Are you sure about that ??
I don't think so... wink laugh

I have to propose another kind of "revenge"!!!
Deny having sex with him... for some days....laugh
It will hurt more... trust me on this me...!!!
We men... are really suffering from the absence of sex.. frustrated

Some women did this in Ancient Greece... (refusing to have sex with her husbands)... and they succeded to stop a whole war...!!!laugh

handshake wave

No dinner for next 20 years!!!

That's ok...I can live with that...

for a moment I thought you were going to say....

"No sex for the next 20 years"...!!!laugh

rolling on the floor laughing
Am I so predictable? laugh devil wave

No you are not predictable at all...!!!


And this is the reason... you (women) drive us(men) crazy!!!!
ALL THE TIME....!!laugh

And guess what...!!
We(men) just love this... (beeing crazy for a woman)...
Just can't help it...
It's under our skin...
Can't take it off...frustrated laugh

Even if we say otherwise, or even showing otherwise...
(that was a small secret)...laugh

Je ne sais quoi femme cool innocent
yes, men have as well their great charisma devil wink

I have been wondering if a man say to a woman, "you're driving me crazy" it in a good way or a bad way?confused

nice video but that must be hurt for her to fall downgrin
How to wake up your Girlfriend...

Only once, and then she's GONE! Don't try this at home, kids.
rolling on the floor laughing
He is a nasty man to do something like that to her I didn't think it was funny NOT thumbs down
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