Cannot Sleep

Have tried to sleep since 9 pm but the noise is too much. sigh

Yep, I do understand that my neighbor is having a wedding party. but why they turn on the music so loud until almost 1 am? And we are in a residential area sad

It is weekend tomorrow. Yes, it's true that not all people have to work at weekend. I don’t have to work either. Unfortunately, I do have to wake up at 7am, which is another 6 hours. roll eyes
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ear plugs?
I give you lots of sympathy and hope you will be able to sleep soon. As for me, I am hard of hearing but sleep has never been a problem even when I heard well.

I can sleep through thunderstorms, phones ringing and the Winternationals. What in tarnation is that, you ask? I live across the street from the county fairgrounds and each November and April (I think, maybe May) the grounds hosts drag racing. Those monster cars make a huge amount of noise when they take off. I can sleep through that!

I wish you some of my ability to sleep!
hi MizzySwan...try to read a book until you get the feeling of going to sleep, or drink milk (warm or cold; proven to have tryptophan which is sleep inducing... and you will see, you will be able to sleep even if your neighbors are having a for me, hope it will work for you....hug
So why aren't you over there partying with them?
Yep! If you can't beat them, join them!
if not, headphones & some light music should do the trick!sleep
Hi mizzy,

Get your earphone and listening to your fave songs until you fall asleep. Or, drink hot chocolate. Take hot shower. Counting sheep will be the last optionsigh

Hope you sleep sooncomfort bouquet
*hot milk (not chocolate. sorry. I mixed it with my fave snackgrin )
Hi Mizzy, hang in there; sleep will come eventually. I'd go with the earphones and music, always relaxes me.

Lachica, we do actually make hot chocolate milk here in winter... with some whipped cream on top a very nice warming comfort drink hug
Hi sleepin, thanks for the infobouquet Hot chocolate milk is yummywink
glad my closest neighbor is a mile away call the police and they will come and make them quiet down .
Ja, have tried that too with no success besides my sore ears sad
oops sorry, I was still sleep walking, the response above was for Guadal laugh
@ alonerdo: Thanks for the sympathy smile

Thanks for the sympathy. I actually spent the time reading boring novel which put me asleep after 20 pages smile

Some of concerned parents have come to request my neighbor to turn off the music as they have babies who were disturbed and children who need to go to school. I am proud of my neighbors wine

I wish I had the ability to sleep during the noise too! It certainly be a handy ability laugh

Hi Shay28wave

Yep, I read a very boring novel and it lasted until 20 pages. Need to stock boring novels from now as lots of my neighbors will have wedding parties this month laugh

Am not the party type kind of person laugh. I came to my neighbor's wedding party at 7pm just to pay respect to the wedding couple and their parents. And then I left laugh

Nah, am not the party people blushing

Headphones don't work with me, besides getting sore ears. But boring book did a wonder! giggle

Hi Boni wave

Earphone doesn't work with me. I will have irritated ears after 10 minutes. I had a success after reading a very boring book laugh

Have a nice weekend grin

Hi sleeping_bird wave

Thanks, laugh I did asleep after reading 20 pages of a very boring book yawn

I like hot cocoa too, but I usually drink it in rainy day as we don't have winter season here giggle

You are lucky indeed for far away neighbor. The police phone line was engaged all the times after 10 pm. Some of my neighbors have tried before when the similar event happened sigh
then just ask them to turn it down please ? if that doesn't work set fire to their building that would cut the party short .

kidding seriously don't do that . but i guess you could take a wooden handled hammer and smash their electricity meter that would kill the power .laugh

Several neighbors who have babies and small children have asked to do so, with no success roll eyes

They might also want to set a fire if they don't think the fire could spread up to other house laugh

Nice thought about smashing the electricity meter, but unfortunately, we all are not the violent types grin
In such cases here people call the police. They come quite quickly. wave
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