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Don't think I would change or alter anything...my life is goodthumbs up Turning back time suggests to me that you would alter your life decisions..No changes here dancing
Haha. hahaha...ok.

Ok, Get an education while in my 20's.
And no smoking!
What would I do if I could turn back time? Have a child of my own Before certain issues made it impossible.Not to bother with certain men who were useless and pointless.Cut certain people out of my life sooner before they did the damage they have done.

Everyone has regrets whether we will admit them or not.We can't turn back time though.We can only deal with life as it is today.wine
We know that Mary. lips
hatchoo!!!blues morgen, please kindly consider to quit smoking. can't stand your cigarette smoke.

If I could turn back time...going back to 10 years ago I guess to continue my studywine
Icha, im working on it. Diden't smoke this week from monday to sat, then smoked 15yday at a party. Now i most go cold-t again.
JFC! Absolutely amazing.roll eyes
Makis wave
I wish I could turn back time and told to several people how important were for me, or met people we were so closed and haven´t any more kept in touch... and had that horrible lunch with all my friends in university canteen rolling on the floor laughing innocent daisy

speaking of lunch, I hope you had a better lunch after your so-so breakfast this morningbouquet
Lachicabonita hug bouquet
Girl, nice to see you rose I had delicious dinner and we spent really great afternoon with my sis in a " spa wellness" ... relaxing cool so I feel ready to work next week.
What about you Lass? What has been your day like? I hope all great with you!teddybear
I have had a few moments in my life where turning back time would be pleasant. And stopping it would be even better. Do you have a sledge hammer I could borrow?beer
No regrets, no willing to turn back time. Because I have always been the genuine me wave
would have not smoke nor drank.......grin esp cigs! worst habit of all!
Je ne regerette i bought those tickets at ryan air.

Hi Jana, in da house! wave
Makis wave I wouldn't want to turn back time as well. Everything happening in my life, made me into the person I am today and I like to think I learned from the stupid choices I made in the past. I believe in the natural balance of things and I'm in a good place now cheering
The only real regret I have is not knowing what it feels like to be a mother, but some things simply are not in your control - c'est la vie.
I should have switched off my pc and tv yesterday before the lightning struckcool
Tangerino comfort teddybear
I am so sorry! I have just read your blog about your PC troubles!
I hope your hard disc will be able to be saved and you will keep important data for you.
Beautie hug I wish you could turn back time... but maybe it had to happen cool ... you know!angel
Yea, everything happens for a reason! professor

laugh purple heart
If you ask me...about turning back time...

In some cases I would like to be able to go back in time.. to correct some "things"..... I realized I made wrong...
In some cases I would not..

You see... I'm not perfect...

Thank you all .. for your comments...

Makis, you're welcome for now....I might return in the future and just say 'you're welcome'...grin beer
Morgen, hahaha ! What am i supposed to learn ? Maybe the reason is because i should be more focused on doing constructive things with my time... Well, to me it is a better philosophy to say right now: shit happens !kiss
Lovely lady aswina, i hope too that i can retrieve data. Thing is now will i survive with my biggest entertainments ? Lol. Glad i still can chat to you all on cs, most grateful for my cellphone now hug
:-) I meant Without
crying I cannot post for you music now.... just to make you smile cool
you will see, all will finish with happyend! I am persuaded!hug
No turn back time, turn back the way I looked when I was young, say.... like twentysomething and no change, keep it that way all the time. rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
I would like to go back to 3 years ago... notice that my husband was sick and get medical treatment for him so he would not have died on Nov.25th of that year... I often wish time back... I wonder if it would have helped to change things...???
please, stop thinking so... there is something NO Man or Woman can change! Destiny.
Take care good luck rose
I would have gone to college right out of high school, and not waited till now. Also, I would have helped my parents more. They both worked full time jobs, and I was a bit of a teenage slacker.
Okay so everybody is wishing they did something different, said words they didn't, realised things they didn't, well newsflash you can not turn back time. It is in my opinion a useless Blog, you live in the here and now, rather than wish to turn back time, which will never be possible, then you learn from your mistakes, take strength from your experiences, wishing you could turn back time, puts people back in the past, and past is past and can not be changed, we are all here for a short time not a long time, live in the day, take each day as it comes,, live in the moment, enjoy the moment. Dwelling on past, won't change it. Take each day and live them.

Oh how I wish if I could turn back time, I'd ask for my late hubby to be given a breathe of life again....crying
Titsy,I'm so with you on that,I feel the same in regards to my father,if only...
Go back two days and make sure I dont lose the Watch that I lost Yesterday...doh cheers
when my husband passed not saying goodbye then daughter passes 2 months after him felt deeply lost not saying goodbye.
On 15 years ago back then, I wish he give me his phone number so we can continue our friendship wine
If I did go back in time, I would go back to the innocent 50's. Plus, I would be still living on the ranch, which were some of the happiest times of my life.

Tangerino - sorry to hear about your computer. In the past, I have reset the computer clock back before an incident happened. Voila! Fixed. Although if your computer is really fried, the clock might not be resettable.
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