wisdom... is the same ..nomatter it comes from...

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very impressive and very strong video which carries strong idea and strong message!

Continence - modesty, no ego and competition
Peace of Mind - satisfaction, acceptance and happiness
Charity - need to understand others, support, motivate and offer a helping hand

I hope blind will see and deaf will hear... blind and deaf are all who have not been ready yet to understand ...
I wish we all can, one day bouquet

Thank you Makis.
Thank you makis... For sharing
Great words Makis, though I'm not 100% sure about wisdom being the same no matter where it comes from... I think it also depends on its context.

The image that comes up in my mind is from the film, Shawshank Redemption, where the librarian, Brooks, is listeed to and is regarded as being wise.. yet once released this counts for nothing in the wider world.. but is that down to how society moves at a greater pace now and many of us no longer take the time to stop and listen to words of wisdom.. dunno cool
Oops, that is Brooks is listened to.. wink cool
here in beautiful Ireland, where i now live, and work, the old people have a wonderful saying, '' though wise advice is rarely taken, a kind word, is seldom thrown away ''
Remember the Thank You's
Dismiss the Argumentative...
rolling on the floor laughing cheers
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