Yep, a terrible day but it's OK

It’s started when I arrived at the office in the morning that I forgot to take my files I have been working on from home. doh So I took a second taxi to go and fro for the files. roll eyes

When I was back to the office again, I realised that I left my cellular in the first taxi. blues

I called my number and someone answered it. yay He was an honest person, thankfully, a taxi passenger too. He found my cellular and gave it to Z, the taxi driver, to return it back to me. thumbs up

And the new story began. moping

Had an agreement that Z would return my cellular at 5pm. But when I called my number around 5pm, he was with a passenger. sigh I said ok, and would wait for him.

I was a bit nervous when I looked at the traffic in front of my office building. It was horrible. sad So I called Z at my cellular and informed him to meet me around 7pm.

I called Z around 7pm, and yep, he was with another passenger. moping I requested him to pick me up around 8:30 pm. No response. uh oh

So I left my office building to find out whether Z has arrived or not yet. It was a beautiful sight to see the taxi waiting for me. yay

I asked Z to drop me back. He was a decent person, so I gave him a generous tip as my appreciation to get my cellular back. Thanks Pak! bouquet
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sounds like a good daylaugh

could have been a lot worsedevil
having just finished reading some bad news stories, yes it was a day of unfolding drama for you, but indeed, in relation to some other events, you are lucky, that your day redeemed itself, with life, this is not always the case, i hope tomorrow unfolds better for you.
Hi Mizzy,

Glad to hear you got your cell phone back and That cab driver is one honest man. Pretty hard to come by some honest ones' nowadays!

Well, All's well that end well! I have a small sticky note check list which I stick on the car dashboard - am also notorious for leaving things at home often!doh
u're a lucky person then
In big city like Jakarta, it's hard 2 find good and honest person. So, happy 2 hear u got ur cellular back & met good people too.cheering
Mizzyswan wave ... you are lucky the taxi driver was honest...hug hug

Well, it was ok if I didn't count how much I have spent on that day giggle

Yes, I was lucky to get my cellular back. And thanks for the best wishes
@ alonerdo: thanks

Hi Titsy wave

Am glad that I got my cellular back. Actually there were quite lot of honest drivers. But unfortunately, few honest taxi passengers laugh

True, am always leaving things behind, no matter how careful I am laugh

Yep, I believe I was lucky, if I didn't count how much I have spent that day. laugh

It was a rare to find honest taxi passengers who didn't want to keep the things they found in the taxi. giggle

thanks Shay. Yes, I was lucky to get both honest taxi driver and honest taxi passenger very happy
Hi Mizzywave

What a relieve to hear that you had such a happy ending story. I agree with others that you were lucky enough to get your mobile phone back. Nice to hear that there are still some honest people living in this big citywine Thanks for sharing your storybouquet

Hi Boni wave

Yep, it was certainly a happy ending for me laugh
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