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Working with an artist on publishing a poetry book of mine. The cover art is just about done, so I should have my 1st published poetry book available for purchase in the next 1-3 months! It's titled, Life-Love-Loss.

Working on X-Mas gifts for my dad and boyfriend.
For dad, I hand drew the Fox Island Lighthouse on 3 separate pieces of paper which I am now digitally coloring. The tower will be done this week.
For my boyfriend, I'm handdrawing a rabbit he used to have, as an anthropomorphic, playing a Flying V guitar. He loves rock music..

I have an idea on what to do for my dads' birthday as well, in Jan. I intend to hand draw and digitally color my own rendition of the "seagoat" Capricorn. Boyfriend is one too, so maybe I'll do a father/son thing.

Also, I finished my 1st graphic piece, which I hand drew, and digitally colored. There will be a background eventually. But this Jaguar is based off of my Lion King fan art project.

Hope everyone is enjoying their upcoming holiday.
I've named the x-mas tree Joe. It's a female tree... Hey, I decided it ok? lol

---- IMAGE REMOVED because photobucket.com no longer allows embedded images ----

More poetry and song lyrics coming, stay tuned.
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I was just about to reply that your picture was too
big for my laptop screen to accomodate when 'hey presto!' the whole picture appeared! How did you do that? None of JimNastic's pictures go full screen when I click on the Comments panel to materialise the Reply Box. (However, all of the Emoticons disappeared from the right side panel!)

Welcome to the Blogs here at CS. This is the first time that I have had the pleasure of making your acquaintance!
My name is David, and I am a regular here. I will look for your
book of poetry when you have it published. I like poetry very

Yours Sincerely


02.06 a.m. GMT, 2/12/2011.
I am an artist also...this is a nice piece. I did answer you on one of my older blogs.....I do not celebrate christmas but Winter wishes!!!!!
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