Look At Me Now ..!

I know i've been such a bad friend and blogger !!
it's been so long that i havent show up here and write something

guess i was just busy with everything that is happened in my life !
from sickness to health,saddness to happiness ! love and loss !

im just tired now , feel like im just half the person i used to be ... i've been thru alot ..and i've been quite enough ..

i feel like i wanna scream ! cuz what hurts the most is when u lose the one u loved and cared for !! nothing compares to that ..
I only knew love with him ! and for the first time ..after a break up !! i dont hate the guy ..i love him now even more .. and i want him back !!!

they say ..if he really loved u ..he wouldnt let go ..but people will never understand cuz they are not in my place or his place !!! i stoped lisning to ppl ..cuz it drove me crazy !!!!
doesnt mean if he break up with me .. means he hates me !
we may get back togather as the love we had was special !!!!

its the first time for me to be in such a mature relationship ..and we were so happy but things went wrong ,,

i still feel for him .. im still looking up for his return ..and i will keep the ring which he gave me once ..i'll keep it till the day we meet again ..

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hi , there , and have a great day hug kiss kiss
Hullo Swan !!!wave bouquet
Hullo Swan !!!wave bouquet
Swan...Why can't just give him a ring and find out how he feels about you
Hi Swan, Feels like standing on a the edge of a cliff and at any second a slight breeze could blow you over? Right?
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