Jennifer Aniston ! You've GOT to be kidding me.

Mens Health Magazine just posted an article ranking
"the hottest women of all time"
and ranked Jennifer Aniston, as the hottest ever. doh

I swear this is true.
I'm not making it up.
I promise.

Are they friggin' kidding me ??
She wasn't even the hottest gal on Friends.
Monica was. smitten

Jennifer Aniston ?!?!?
I mean, she's somewhat cute, but,
I can think of more than 100 women living now
who are much hotter than her.
Hottest of all time ?!??!

Scammers have mailed me pictures
of gals prettier than Jennifer Aniston !

I could walk into a Victoria Secret's show,
close my eyes and randomly choose
someone hotter than Jennifer Aniston.

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

The only way she would be hotter
than any of those models, is if
someone set her on fire. laugh

They are nuts ! crazy
What the heck are they smoking ?!?!?
I wonder who wrote that article ?
The president of the Society for the Blind ? laugh

Comments (23)

They're attempting to draw brad back to her is all, just ignore them popcorn
yes she paid the biggest tip $$$ and the others paid less , hi , jim , nice sunday over there wave
That sounds like it might be it V. laugh

Why would they care M ? confused
Money for Us Magazine ???? confused
Jim, that's just like's all manipulated, bought and paid for..before you even see the results! cool

If my list went to 100, she still wouldn't make it! peace
yawn yeppers
You're probably right Rubin.
But, Jennifer Aniston, that's embarrassing.
It's irresponsible journalism. scold
She wouldn't even make a list of 1,000
all time.
I'll go with Virgo's Choice!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Much Plenty Wampum Changed Hands...doh
And I can think of a Trillion Better!!!!!...doh
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
handshake cheers
Even Some On CS !!!laugh laugh laugh
Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman no doubt,but if they are talking about the hottest woman of all time then it would be between Halle Berry,Beyonce or Angelina Jolie.Scarlette Johanson would have to be up there as well.
awww i love jennifer, think shes great actress and cute too
Wait ! Based on the last two responses, maybe women were the ones who voted for her.
That's almost as bad, as us men deciding who the hottest man is. dunno

Jim I agreed with you that she is not the hottest woman ever.As previously stated,I think she is beautiful but not in the hottest woman category.
Because you never saw her on bra and panty, maybe? laugh Perhaps with them on her, she is hotter than the VS's girls above wine
Does VS stand for Very Skinny ???rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing bouquet
If i remb correctly:
Aniston have some nice bodyparts.
But so does toyota.

My real estate broker is hotter professor love grin
i hear that Jolie is on the tenth place...hehehe thats good, that shows i still hv sum chances to get hold of Pitt.. laugh tongue
I don't know if she's the hottest, but she definitely hot. have you seen the movie "just go with it" with her and Adam Sandler? The scene where she strips down to her!
Go for it Oly!
You're adoreable compared to that beach thumbs up purple heart

head banger
I saw this ranking just few minutes ago in one Bulgarian site too. OMG! Jennifer is all others but hot....frustrated
Agree with you Jim 100%.I never found Aniston hot.I mean she looks alright.But there are millions of hotter women on earth.And if we are talking about famous ladies ,still there are hundreeds ladies that much much hotter than her.So looks like she got a good contacts.laugh cheers
Ordinary with perky tits (or a good brah) laugh
tastes differ, if u do not consider her it does not mean others think so too

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