Awesome Power Ballad :)

This is dedicated to all the women who said, "Eww, your too old.", or "Eww, your too fat." or my favorite one........"Eww, you don't make enough money." Phoenix has been right all along. Asian woman all the way. Here's to ya Phoenix........lonelyboy or whatever you go by now, I understand where you were coming from forever, I just didn't voice it, but now I do. I hope you still visit these blogs frequently, or someone will try to slam dunk me, but being armed (lawfully) I am without fear head banger head banger I have heard all the above satements from white women. I hope you will all get 'Closer to your heart"..............and have fun trying to compete with your competition laugh Better looking laugh Thinner laugh Waaay more honest and sincere laugh cheers drinking A few shots of rum and..........the truth comes out. A Hmong lady just moved in next door..........Who knows what God's plan is for me head banger I know it has to do with music guitar violin D'oh! I wish they had a piano emotion. The piano is the best instrument ever invented. Thank you Bartololeo Christofori for all you did, and thank you Steinway for perfecting it.

I wish this beautiful ballad would never end ^^^^^^^^

Thanks Cris for inventing the best musical instrument in history
head banger head banger head banger head banger
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Always fight for what you believe in head banger
I would rather be "Hated" for what I am, than "Loved" for what I am not. Here's another awesome song.......I hope you enjoy it

Let the hate mail come. Here's for the haters.....

laugh laugh laugh
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