I was warned

One of my favorite musicians is 5 time Grammy winner, Robert Cray.

His lyrics are often full of double entendres, irony and twists.

His vocals are excellent. Just TRY singing along with him in key.

And best of all, is his guitar work.

If you see him live, he adds complex solos to most songs.

However, on record/CD sometimes the best solos are.. as the song fades out.

You have to listen closely. He has 19 CDs out. I have the first 15.

Two stark exceptions to this, are his best recorded guitar work on his fifth album,

'Strong Persuader' in the song 'New Blood'.

Unfortunately, I've never seen him perform this song live, nor can I find it on Youtube,

except a watered down version along with Stevie Ray Vaughan.

However, perhaps his second best recorded guitar work is on the song 'I Was Warned' on his 8th album of the same name.

His solo starts just after the 5 minute mark and extends until the end of the song,

even into the fade out.

I've seen him perform live 5 times. If you get a chance, do yourself a favor and go see him play.

head banger

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head banger

head banger
perhaps recording this one helped get the USA out of Iraq;

Vaughan & Cray: New Blood
Yeah, I know...
but Stevie does add a double dimension to it!
I like SRV. I have all his CDs.
He's a good guitarist. But, not a good vocalist.
Robert Cray is from Tacoma and back in the day I used to hang out with him and his brother!! He's a very nice guy.dancing
He seems nice and very talented.
How many Grammy's before you look him up ? laugh
Jim...applause applause applause
From Bird watcher to musician over night ??? How did you do it???dunno
A few keystrokes here & there and presto !
A new blog applause

OK, it's magic ! laugh
Well, Jim, Fame and Fortune are not really my thing,I would love to say Hi! If I ever ran into him but it's not a big deal. I love his music, he was into it then also. But, he was more into partying then.
thumbs up Cool
Now I am informed as
never heard of him
hug cheers cheers
Ive seen Robert Cray perform live once, not so long after "right next door was a hit ('87? ... '88?) I think it was the first Blues Artist that really captured me. I had found a place not to far from the stage, so my ears were blown out, but man, that guy knows how to use a guitar.thumbs up thumbs up
C - sounds like a typical musician to me. laugh

S - that was my intention to expose some people to good music.
Unfortunately, most people only know the commercial junk
that they are spoon fed on the radio. The DJ's are literally paid by the record labels to force feed their junk to the public,
so they can sell it. peace

W - Yes, he can ! thumbs up

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