When the thieves come in the night,,

Do they think of the turmoil they leave behind?????

gotta go joy cartwheel hole hole hole cool

Is it too much to ask,, to be left sleeping safely in your bed dunno

Is their need so great,, to violate someones work,, home for their gain,,,

In desperation people beg on the streets,,,

If they were so hungry,, I would of fed pizza burger them for free

If they were so thirsty bartender waiter drink pouring I would of given them their drink,, without cost,,

detective detective They took fingerprints sir bobby but I dont hold much hope,, after all its a Bar/Restaurant doh
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Dear Dream, I have not talked to you in a while and I did want to say hello . I also gather you where broken into at the bar . While not good I guess you can be thankfull for not being any recipient of harm . I will agree that they are slimey invaders of our peace and prosperity, but in there cowardice at least no one got hurt . Material things can always be replaced but the other are hard to restore . Please do take care and dispite all I do wish you the best . . . hug
Thank you my friend,,hug

None of what they took bothers me,, I would of gladly given to them,,if their need was greater than mine,,

And yes I am thankfull they stopped there,, and came no further to my quarters,, for that I am gratefull

hug kiss
Sorry for your loss...not just the material, but your loss of security, privacy and safety. Greatful you were not physically harmed. hug
hug Lgs,,, for your kind words
I have always wondered why people resort to thieving. Such a cowardly act!

Glad your safe!
wave Ed,,,

I'm thankfull for that,, hug
livin_the_dream,hope u are okay.
please take care...teddybear
wave marlene33

I'm better now,,thank you,, over the shock shock hug kiss
livin, sorry to hear your losssad flower hug
very upsetting, when this happens, hard to think reason, when you feel violated, be grateful they didn't burn the place down, there's always someone worse off, upsetting as it is,

'' i seen a child in the snow, with no shoes,
i thought how terrible,

later i espied a child with no legs,
and i thought, how lucky the child with no shoes was''comfort
wave lachicabonita Thanks hug kiss

I know,, there is so much saddness in the world,, there is always someone worse off than you,,

There but for the grace of....................................hug
So, alarms didn't go of ~ cameras didn't record events? You need to have some sort of security systems in place! Yes!mumbling comfort scold uh oh handshake
wave Elmorya

confused Its a village bar in rural France,, these things don't happen on a regular occurance,,, doh Yes,, I know it has,,

The only crime I have known is someone LEAVING a bicycle in my garage,, but never taking anything!!!!
teddybear It would have been scarey for you.
wave Kristia49

confused more so,, if they had woken me hug
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