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Our young people have been taught, for generations now, in our government schools that there is no provable answer to the question; What came first, the chicken or the egg? The idea that there is no scientific answer to this question is now so deeply ingrained into our society that no one even bothers to think otherwise. Now, this may seem like a trivial question, but it is in fact, very important. It's very importance is the reason why such effort has been made to obscure the issue.

The answer to the question is obvious and easily provable. The proof can be demonstrated and repeated in a scientific manner and is unimpeachable.

And now the answer. It takes a mature and fertile male and a mature and fertile female to produce a fertile egg! Yes, it takes two, together in the same place at the same time, with the same idea! There is no way a fertile egg could just suddenly appear on it's own. There is no way that male and female could have just evolved into that status. They are both necessary to reproduce a species, both must have been present together at the beginning or each species could not reproduce and thereby would die out, before they could evolve!

Yes friends, our generation, so fixated on sex, lacks even a basic understanding that the existence of sex itself, proves the existence of a Creator God. Evolution simply is not possible, for our God in His wisdom made all living creatures, above bacteria, male and female.

Many people do not know that evolution is a very ancient philosophy espoused by the Epicureans of ancient Greece and put forward by Epictetus. In thousands of years, not enough evidence has been found to even justify giving this hypothesis, the dignity of the title, theory! Evolution is an anachronism that will soon be discarded on the trash heap of history!

The hypothesis of evolution requires vast eons of time to make it appear credible, so vast ages are assigned to various fossils and to the earth itself. There is NO scientific way to measure such vast ages of time! Carbon 14 is based on assumptions, when assumptions enter, science leaves. The assumption that the amount of radiation striking the earth to form carbon 14 is a constant, is well known to be false. The amount of radiation striking the earth is strongly influenced by solar activity, the distance to the sun and the strength of the earth's magnetic field. After three half lives of about 15,000 total years, there is not enough carbon 14 to even be measured! How can you get millions of years from that? You can't!


Evolution is simply a NARCISSTIC FANTASY of persons intoxicated with the sense of their own self importance. It is just a pathetic excuse for children to deny that they are under the authority of their Father. Like a headstrong child, it is about doing what they want instead of listening to an authority in their lives. It is not science, it is pure fantasy!

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While I concur with you on some issues, I really do not believe that all theories and assumptions are base on false premise.
Dna.....she's from NJ, Jimbo !

Apparently, writers once frequented Celibate Scribes.
4MaryB ~ you are one very brave lady to write about God and evolution on this site. Expect to be lacerated.
As a believer in God, I have found little compassion for believers, even from the so called 'tolerant left wingers '
Good points, Mary cheers

Here's a similar & more modern riddle.

DNA is a Tremendous amount of precise information required by every cell to reproduce & function.
DNA is contained in cells & instructs cells how to reproduce & function but it Cannot Produce a cell. That's accomplished by a the Cell.
DNA's merely like a combination blue print & operator's manual.

Which came 1st? DNA? Or a cell?
Put THAT to an evolutionist & see what you get!

The Chicken & Egg question is child's play by comparison laugh

Speaking of riddles - How was this blog posted over TWELVE Years ago & shows up NOW at the Top of Page 1 with NO Comments?

Our esteemed OP deleted earlier comments, *Bump*'d the blog with a comment and then deleted the *Bump* comment?
It's the only thing I can figure ... dunno


miclee ~ you kidding? Another blog about marrying a man from pakistan in a wheelchair. I only realised it was back in 2017. Why are
all the oldies being taken out again ?
I feel a bit tricked.
The Alleged Billions of years of the fossil record in the geologic column is explained as well of Better by a single cataclysmic event in the relatively recent past ...

... such as a year long, Worldwide Flood.

Yeah. It's long - 2 1/2 hours.
But it's done in six parts & can be viewed in 1/2 hour segments.

Y'all have invested a substantial portion of your lives getting the Evolution Indoctrination.
2 1/2 hours is a small time investment to get an alternate view.

Agentbob went searching for signs of life.....

Thats how the blog re-planted itself on p.1.
smile I'm saying nothing. smile
AgentBob you really care ? that's refreshing.
Harbal You know you want to let rip.... go on. I won't say a word instead. wink
Nearly 1,000 Views & NO Comments.
Folks must've been a Lot less inclined to comment Back In The Day. ... snooty

Interesting admission, Bob.
BUT ...
How'd the *Bump* Comment get deleted? Only the OP can Delete Comments.


Try not to forget...this

Neanderthal man, after fire & um, cave doodlings...
Waited 600,013 years and 27 seconds..

Before developing, er, evolving the Alphabet.
Well, gg, as you know, I am not a believer, and I think the theory of evolution by natural selection is very compelling. But I don't see any reason why you can't believe both in God and evolution. Unless you're a mindless Bible literalist, of course.
God & Evolution aren't mutually exclusive.

Swallowing the "Billions Of Years" just so story requires an outpouring of Blind Faith that'd embarrass a Medieval Priest.

Don't know, mic....

This isn't the 1st time I went back to early blogs to
See if any good work could be found...

Biden-Bigfoot 2020.
Are you a God fearin man, mic? uh oh
The assumption is if there was a chicken or an egg. How about a single celled amoeba that divides asexually starting the whole thing. Then the question is solved that that amoeba constitutes the first chicken. Or on the case of a multiplying, evolving bacterium, the egg.dunno
@ Harb -


I was raised on the "Deep Time" narrative.
There are problems with it.

Bob brings up one.
We people allegedly arrived evolutionarily a couple hundred thousand years ago.
It then took us 190+k years to figure out food plants came from seeds.
Then we built the pyramids.

Others have difficulty with the Fossil Record. See beginning @ 54:00 ...

... "...requires a leap of Blind Faith."

Some (by No means All) folks dealing with astrophysics have difficulty adhering to Deep Time ...

Whenever the discussion is about "Origins", it comes down to Faith.

Ultimately, everything arising spontaneously from utter Nothingness is a stretch for me personally.
Some folks can make that work for 'em.

God's not graced me with enough faith to be an Atheist.

Conversation between characters in a Woody Allen piece ...
1st - "I'm an Atheist."
2nd - "I admire that. It requires a great deal of faith."

Orzzz -
Then we get back to the riddle in my comment above roll eyes

What came 1st - DNA? Or the Cell? ... dunno

I don't see how it makes much difference, mic. We are born, we live our lives, then we die, regardless of what we believe. beer
Perhaps, Harb. Perhaps Not ...


I could pretend to believe in God, mic. idea
Pre View of the NOW....{ plying evywhr..

From hell it came / $ci fi.
...China Gate / drama....
the $atan bug / you be the Judge..[ ?!?

Reminder from 50 years ago...[ Natl.Geo. p. 223.
..."our key to those secrets { of a solar Eclipse
is the incredibly hot Corona, the Halo of pearly light.."
....dhm./ phD..{ 8 /01/1970.

Edt...the 3 films were in the Can. before 01/66....
Pattern Recognized....
K E X P * Seattle, WA. ) ) O8/ 2017....

166. Gigantic / the Pixies
177. Riders on the storm / the doors
------} another example of the Loop*
343. Down by the water / HARVEY**

*...aka skynet.
...**, big Time HIMACAIN.. hitting Houston.

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