SEVERE WEATHER WARNING - the government in France

snowglobe snowman2 snowglobe snowman2 snowglobe snowman2

A government warning said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take:

A shovel, blankets or sleeping bag, extra clothing including scarf, hat and gloves as well as 24 hours supply of food and drink, a de-icer, 5Kgs of rock salt, a torch or lantern with spare batteries
Road flares and reflective triangles, a tow rope, a 5 gallon petrol jerrycann, a first aid kit and jump leads, etc.

I felt a complete prat on the bus this morning !!!!!!

doh cold crazy crazy cold doh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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i used to take those with me to the car, when the mother-in-law, used to calllaugh
Livin wave

Take care, seems to be the worst winter storm in 50 years!wine

hug drink pouring buddies

Hate to think what would be in your mind,, shovel & mother in law bowing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
wave alonerdo

Its cold moping cold but not as cold as previous years,, can't wait for spring & summer,,, don't do cold frustrated rolling on the floor laughing
Sleeping bag, warm fireplace, wine and cheese, and a beautiful companion, now that is how I would like to weather out a stormwine sad flower wine
wave Southwesternman
well I'm nearly there,, got the drink,, plenty wine & cheese here in France,, warm fire,, snowed in at my m8's house,, moping no fit companion though moping help crying
sorry I 4000 mile away and the airport are probley closedmoping devil wine sad flower wine
wave Southwesternman

doh well,, there you go,,, story of me life,,, frustrated got the wine,, cheese & fire to meself again,,, no wonder I feel drunk wine drinking shimmy giggle
ltd...i heard its soooo cold in there in europe...take care!!comfort
wave Nice,,, Its past freezing,, and more snow,, think I'll make a snowman2 today cold hug
Livin, wave we have a new snow here also.crazy

On Friday night it should be -42 degree here.
wave PrimaveraPrague -42 uh oh wrap up girl cold I would hibernate hole lowest here is -24 much too cold snowman2 crazy crazy crazy
Livin, yes, I will wear a lot of warm cloth cold cold cold cold Last weekend we had -39 degree in the night. In morning is so -17 -21 degree, during the day so about -15 degree, which is normal and fine. But it snows here enormly. So I wont do any parties.crazy Next week it should be again party Pleasant weather to France. At least my private snowman on programme on Saturday.rolling on the floor laughing
wave PrimaveraPrague So how warm very mad does it get in the summer dunno ,,, keep warm,,, hug
@ livin the dream and PrimaveraPrague
I'll bring the Gluehwein
and the ski's party wine wine beer beer rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
wave metaloona

"gluehein" daydream hmmm confused frustrated doh dunno
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