what happened?

suddenly he disappeared...

what happened to him???

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He does that!!! He'll be back!! Ray for 10k!!!applause
Hah? 10k disappeared? Let me check... wink grin
@parti..its kinda unusual for him not to be here....confused
@shay,...go check it urself....uh oh
Nice... Settle Down!!! he wouldn't leave you just like that!!! comfort bouquet

he's a long time friend of mine here!!!

well i guess he just fed up of being on here....he invited me again to join blogs...and now what huh?

Nice..The 10 will be back he is probably there now,he will appear when you least expect it!!uh oh roll eyes dunno
comfort bouquet
that's a good pic of 10k
must be having a good time cheers
Yes I miss 10k here! And BTW where is Virgo???

I will use the favorite emoticon of Paul: moping
this guy is missing too ...

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